The Hunnarbaaz series: Introduction to Hospitality skills and jobs

Competition and winners

In the video below you will see an interesting competition which tests the contestants in serving etiquette, ability to handle customer complaints and correct table setting skills. Contestants were judged at the following three levels.

  1. Setting the table – 5 minutes were allotted for placement of items, folding the napkins in the right manner and checking table and chairs for any problems.
  2. Serving guests with etiquette – Serve starters and main course – smile, handle complaints with ease and make the customers happy.
  3. Serving evening tea – Serve tea with a smile, handle the tea pot in the right manner, ease of access of items on the table for customer.

As you can see the contestant Sonal won the competition as she handled the customer well and served with a smile and placed the items in the right manner on the table.

Science, Innovation, Creativity in hospitality

This last video clip is based on molecular gastronomy which is a very interesting phenomenon.

This is an art where food and mocktails are mixed with science to create spectacular results. Food grade chemicals are used to change the food texture, viscosity, thickness and colours which bring about a great taste and presentation. This requires a lot of skill for instance how to squeeze a lime or how much to shake a mocktail is very important. Exact proportions and precision are essentials. This art is usually used on mocktails and cocktails of various kinds.

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