Trainers and trainees from IL&FS share their messages on Independence Day 2018


As we all are gearing up to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we launched a campaign to convey the importance of  independence and freedom through skills, knowledge and continuous learning. As a response to the campaign, here we share messages from IL&FS . Read on to see what they say.

Trainers talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

Trainer - Neha Chauhan- ILFS“Acquiring a skill is vital, as it provides a springboard for youth to not only be financially independent, but also enhance their personality, manifold; moreover, learning a skill is a learning for life, which provides the freedom of choice.” Neha Chauhan, Trainer, Course – General Duty Assistant, IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi


Trainer - Deepak Rithaliya“The gap between education, employability and employment is what adequate skilling bridges, and I say this from my own experiences of having started my career as a helper, undergoing training, and now imparting it. Acquiring a skill is almost liberating, as it empowers an individual, enabling him/her to empower others.”  Deepak Rithaliya, Master Trainer, Course, CNC Operator,IL&;FS Institute of Skills, Delhi

ILFS Trainers Independence Day

Trainer - Bhanupriya ILFS“Every individual possesses inherent skills, but it is the sprucing up of these, which makes a person industry-ready. Undergoing skilling is not only gathering theoretical know-how, but expanding one’s horizons through multiple exposures. The freedom to learn, apply, and pass-on is a wonderful feeling.”  Bhanupriya, Trainer, Course, Retail Associate, IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi.

Trainer Garima Rachel Lyall ILFS“If you want to survive in this highly competitive world, you have to have a skill, which can help you stand-out, if not excel. Skilling helps polish the raw qualities, enabling individuals break notions about themselves, which are negative; that, in itself, is a powerful liberation.” Garima Rachel Lyall, Trainer, Soft Skills, IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi. 


Trainer - Vinita Yadav ILFS“I see students from all backgrounds, and some of the journeys are full of challenges; how they overcome these challenges is a lesson for not only them, but for us all, associated with them; skilling ensures financial independence, an aspect which can impact lives, families, and communities; financial freedom is powerful.” Vinita Yadav, Trainer, Course Sewing Machine Operator, IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi.


Harsh Vardhan IL&FS“Students, who hail from remote villages, with stars in their eyes, and hope in their hearts, find answers in skilling, as they know they will be imparted the know-how that will enable them to stand on their own two feet, enhance their self-confidence, their self-esteem, and personality – what more can an individual ask for?” Harsh Vardhan, Industry Relationship Officer, IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi. 

Trainees talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

“Before I had to ask my parents for money; now, I earn, and bring them gifts. It is a different feeling, altogether…from being someone, who does not earn, is dependent, with low self-esteem, and fear of the future, to someone, who is confident and brave to face all the challenges of life…learning a skill has a great impact.” Shital Mandal, Sewing Machine Operator.

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Manish ILFS stundent“The biggest benefit, besides financial security that undergoing skill training has provided me, is the development of my personality. From not being able to talk properly, to being able to handle different kinds of customers, the growth I see in myself is amazing, all thanks to acquiring a skill.”  Manish Kumar, Retail Associate.


ILFS Trainees Independence Day

Sandeep ILFS stundent“I come from a remote village in Uttarakhand, where facilities are minimal. With high hopes I came to Delhi to acquire a skill, which I also did, not only with the purpose of earning money, but with the hope of fulfilling my dream of bringing my family, once again, under one roof, together. Now that I am skilled, my dream is alive too.” Sandeep Singh, CNC Operator.

Pankaj ILFS stundent“Post undergoing training, I am able to contribute to the family’s income, which is a source of pride for me; besides, acquiring a skill opens doors for a career, which is something I wish to pursue, as I am ambitious.” Pankaj Kumar, Retail Associate


Aishwarya ILFS stundent“Meeting people from different parts of the world and bringing smiles to their faces is like a dream come true. I love my job. I want to undertake a world tour, and now that I have completed my training, and have started working, I am not only a role model for my family and friends, but also enjoy the freedom of harbouring a dream, and working towards its fulfilment.” Aishwarya, F&B – Steward.


Aasim ILFS stundent“Undergoing skilling has changed my perspective of life, and is very fulfilling. I am able to earn, and support my family, especially after the demise of my father. This, in itself, is a big thing for me, and I look forward to many such leaps in life.” Asim, CNC Operator.

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