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Jyoti, Retail Sales Associate, Delhi, IL&FS Skills

Jyothi and her siblings were brought up by her grandfather. She did not have a father. She belongs to the scheduled caste. She has four brothers and three sisters, and they barely had any money to manage their basic education. She completed her graduation through correspondence. After completing her BA, she was shortlisted for many interviews, but lack of hands-on-training and employability came in her way of impressing employers with my skill sets and abilities.

IL_FS_JyotiShe had heard about PMKVY training through the internet and was very excited to know of a placement linked training programme that would be sponsored by Ministry of Skill  Development and help her get placed with a leading employer. She visited PMKK and was impressed with the training infrastructure. She appeared for an entry gate assessment and spoke to the counsellor about all the courses offered. She felt that retail was best suited for her as she always wanted to work in the retail sector. She soon enrolled for the retail course. Initially, due to her introverted nature, she was hesitant to speak and interact in class, but slowly, she started displaying good analytical and problem-solving skills. She saw things from a different perspective which helped develop her interpersonal skills, too. The institute has a unique method of teaching young, unemployed youth. They use real-life examples and multimedia content. She had never studied in such an environment.

The course was of 45 days duration. She works as an associate at Fab India now, and draws a monthly salary of 17000.

Meeta, Garment Checker and Finisher, IL&FS Skills

Meeta belonged to a middle-class family from Barna. Despite her hearing disability, her parents have always supported her, be it with education or to choose her own career path. She has completed a diploma in Apparel Cutting and Fashion Designing, along with a six month Computer Learning Certificate from Dehradun. For her, being independent always meant having a job and being able to earn a decent living.

IL_FS_meeta She wanted to earn a living right after her diploma course. She was shortlisted for many interviews, but lack of hands-on training and employability skills came in her way of impressing the employers with her skill set and ability. Her hearing disability also affected my job prospects. But she was determined to make it through in the apparel industry. She decided to pursue this programme in hope of getting linked with the right employer.

She had heard about this training at IIS Barnala at a village meeting, where some counsellors had come and were explaining the benefits of the programme. A job was a must for her, as she did not want to become a burden on her family. She was determined to overcome her disability, and despite her financial challenges, she started to look for programmes that would help her network with the right employers. The scholarship she received to complete the placement linked training at Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) at Barnala empowered her to take the next step. It was a 30 days course.

Her trainers coached her in work skills, preparing her for interactions with the employer during an interview. This was very beneficial for her as it not only gave her the exposure but also helped boost her self-confidence. She was skilled, empowered and employed. She became self-sufficient and she was very proud of herself. Her productivity and daily output have continuously amazed her team. She does not consider her hearing disability to be a deterrent, rather an attribute which has aided her success in the professional arena. Since external noise does not distract her, it ensures that no defected piece passes through the assembly line she oversees. Her zeal to perform adds to the efficiency and has helped her gain confidence and speed on the machine. Professionally, she has grown very fast and now she dreams to reach greater heights with The Trident Group, where she works as a garment checker and earns 17,500 pm.

Raja Giri, Retail Sales Associate, IL&FS Skills

Raja Giri’s father wanted him to study and forced him to complete his education even after having to make numerous sacrifices in order to pay for his education. He started appearing for
interviews but lack of confidence, knowledge and skills was a big hindrance. He joined this institute in hope of a brighter future.

He had heard about this institute from the internet. He decided to enrol with IL&FS Institute of Skills, Delhi (recognized as PMKK) while pursuing his B.Com in order to acquire skills in the retail business and ensure his financial independence.  He learnt how to give product demonstrations to maximize business in a retail environment, whilst striving for continuous improvements in levels of services rendered. He also learned about body language and life skills. With time, he grew confident in the skills he was trained for. His employers appreciate his work and this is a testimony to the class of training provided by IL&FS Institute of Skills (IIS) under PMKVY. The course was of 45 days duration.

Raja is working as a store relationship associate with Reliance Trends from June 2017, with a salary of 12,000 pm.

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