Importance of Digital Certification in Short Term Training


Move over long-term degree programs.

Short Term Training (STT) programs are gaining popularity among working professionals and students.

The reason?

As technology is changing almost every industry, people are expected to learn and strengthen their skills. And, Short Term Training (STT) programs are a great way to learn a new set of skills.

There are many jobs that are lying vacant across the world. In India, around 97,000 positions related to analytics and data science are vacant. If someone wants to explore jobs in these new areas, well, the opportunities are all theirs.

All they need is to have the right skillsets.

As per a study, 56% of Indians took up extra courses to better their career growth. And, 55% of Indians took up training courses to expand their knowledge and skillset.

It is not only the individuals who are investing in the skills game. Big companies are spending millions on reskilling their existing workforce. For example, Amazon has set up a 16-week long certification program. They train existing workers in cutting-edge emerging technologies.

Such training will equip professionals to safeguard their roles for the foreseeable future.

Another company that is investing in skills training is JPMorgan Chase & Co. They have collaborated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their goal is to forecast the skills needed for future jobs and develop suitable training programs.

Governments all over the globe have realised the role of skill development too. They are supporting the digitisation drive, as it is key to economic growth.

Skill India initiative – To empower the youth

The Indian government launched the ‘Skill India initiative’ a few years ago. Their motto was ‘Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat’ meaning ‘Skilled India, Prosperous India’. Through this initiative, they aim to equip 400 million citizens with niche skills by 2022.

The aim is to create a robust, skilled workforce, meeting the needs of the industry.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, over the past four years, have started over 40 Skill Development Programmes (SDPs). The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) scheme has trained 50 lakh candidates.

Now, there are plenty of initiatives and STT programs on the rise. This has led to a new need – the need for recognisable certificates.

This is because, at the end of a Short Term Training program, candidates will have to validate their skillsets to recruiters.

Moreover, issuing paper certificates come with more pain points. It leads to problems like fake certificates or misrepresentation of credentials. This, in turn, adds to the existing problems for both recruiters and experts.

digital_certification_in_short_term_trainingHere is where blockchain can redefine the existing process.

Digital certificates issued on blockchain offers better credibility and authenticity.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that sits on top of the internet. It records every transaction and does not allow anyone to make changes to the data. Taking advantage of this nature of blockchain, digital certificates bring in transparency. So, when a recruiter receives a certificate, they can trace it back to its origin. This way the integrity of the data in the certificate is upheld.

Digital certificates = Convenience

Educational institutions or STT providers can issue digital certificates without any third-party involvement. After an individual completes a course, the institute can directly issue a course completion certificate to their email or profile.

Digital certificates = Secure

When the institution issues a digital certificate, an unalterable link is created. It has the candidate’s achievements and credentials. Thereby, removing the possibility of counterfeiting or tampering.

Digital certificates = Easy Verification

Digital certificates make things so much easier for recruiters and candidates. Candidates can share their digital certificate while applying for a position. And, recruiters can validate a candidate’s skillsets with a few clicks. Hence, a digital certificate acts as a ‘skills-ID’ in the professional world.

Furthering STT programs and government initiatives

Bringing all this together is Certif-ID. A blockchain-powered platform that facilitates the growth of initiatives that promote STT programs.

It allows STT providers and educational institutions to list their courses and manage batches. Also, through Certif-ID institutes can issue blockchain-powered digital certificates to their students.

How does it work?

Verified institutes offering STT courses can:

  • Sign up on the secure Certif-ID platform
  • Connect with individuals looking to pick up new skills
  • List courses, and create and manage training batches
  • Issue digital certificates to students who have completed the course

Students who receive digital certificates can store them in their profiles. It acts like a ‘Skills-ID,’ which can easily be shared with recruiters.

The result – Smooth sailing for all those involved!

STT providers, students and recruiters can connect on the same platform. They can exchange information and collaborate to meet the needs of the future.

You can be the institute that positions its students for success. Or help a government initiative achieve its goal efficiently. All you will need to do is sign up to the Certif-ID platform.

In case you would like more information about the platform, feel free to talk to book a demo at your convenience.

Author – Rakshit Manga| Designation – Sales Director at Certif-ID

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