Improving Skill Development and Employment Promotion in the Construction Sector


While most ‘bricks and mortar’ establishments are going digital, it is about time that the ‘bricks and mortar’ industry does too.

There are many factors involved in a construction project, and so it becomes tough to change traditional approaches. But many construction giants are hesitant to make the first move towards adopting new technologies. No-one wants to be the first one to take the ‘risk’ of going digital. There are too few use cases, and there is a fear of the unknown and escalating costs.

Is adopting new technologies expensive and risky?

If we consider how the world around us is changing, how companies are facing pressure to reinvent themselves to develop sustainable methods of operation, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

To begin with, companies have to meet continually evolving customer expectations. People now want personalised, connected experiences everywhere, including in their homes and offices. Then there is the need for environmentally-friendly processes as construction projects need to minimise their carbon footprints.

Here, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics can make a huge difference. These technologies can help create ‘smart-homes’, and optimise processes involved in construction.

Technology also provides unprecedented decision-making power. By gathering data about employee and customer expectations, and process-related info, technology can help companies deliver tailored solutions. Solutions that are timely and relevant.

It provides:

  • better connectivity of construction workers
  • efficient inventory management
  • optimised logistics
  • health and safety parameters and sales costs

Tying all this up with digital marketing will only bring more benefits.

Better customer relationships. Better networking. Better visibility to the global audience!

Improving Skill Development and Employment Promotion in the Construction Sector

Modern technology can help support Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM involves creating 3D/5D models of infrastructures. These can be used by Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals. By looking at these models, AEC professionals can tweak many parts of any given construction project. This includes improved piping and electrical layout setups, better design of emergency/safety routes, improved field productivity (due to better coordination and understanding of the construction layouts). There is also reduced project costs due to better simulation, which leads to reduced rework too.

So, how much of an impact would the BIM + modern tech alliance have? As per a study, an incredible 15 – 25% which is a huge number in the construction space.

But taking the step towards adopting technology is not the only challenge here. The construction industry will have to hire construction workers who possess cutting-edge skills. Developers will have to upskill existing workers, to facilitate a massive top-down culture change. Also, Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals will have to come out of their comfort zone and embrace new technologies.

If you want to move ahead with the times, Certif-ID can do the hard work for you

Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community. It is playing an important role in shedding light on educational institutes that are developing job-ready construction workers.

If you are an AEC educational institute, you can connect with Certif-ID to digitise your processes. From student enrolment to digital certificate issuance, we can do it all. Certif-ID is simple, cost-effective and easy to use. You will not have to undergo a huge investment or change your existing infrastructure to use the Certif-ID platform.

You can easily integrate your existing Learning Management System (LMS) with Certif-ID. The platform allows you to list courses and manage your training batches at multiple locations remotely. Additionally, you can also issue digital certificates to your students remotely.

Why you should issue digital certificates to your students

COVID or no COVID, standing out amongst the competition and landing a job is getting harder. Especially, for construction workers looking for jobs in and outside of India.

One of the major challenges that Indian migrant workers face is not having the ability to prove their skills, education and work experience. And, international companies are sceptical of hiring Indians as they may potentially have to face penalties for employing illegal workers.

Solving this trouble and helping Indian construction workers and educational institutes is Certif-ID.

The Certif-ID platform is powered by blockchain technology. So, when you issue a certificate via this platform, then the digital certificate is also secured by blockchain technology. It cannot be tampered with or modified.

 Blockchain makes it possible for anyone with access to a certificate to verify it. The links present on a digital certificate will allow a potential recruiter to click on it and trace it back to the institute that has issued it. So, your administrative department will not have to spend hours to verify ex-students certificates.

The more students you place, the more enrolments you attract

Apart from listing your courses, managing batches and issuing digital certificates, Certif-ID also offers the power of data analytics. Using the analytics tools, you can gain insights into courses, students, jobs, and more.

Certif-ID is associated with: UNESCO, Malteser International, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States and German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Development Authority (TESDA); SkillBean Inc., Microsoft, Q2 HR Solutions, International Maritime Institute (IMI) and many more.

Certif-ID will position you to be top of your game.

Your institute will be part of an international platform, your certificates will be trusted and accepted more willingly. And, most importantly, you will play a significant role in helping put our out-of-job workers back to the field!

Just schedule a FREE demo to know more about how Certif-ID can help you embrace change in a way that promotes and sustains success.

Author: Rakshit Manga | Sales Director – Certif-ID

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