In-Sync with Industry: A CII led initiative for faculty enrichment in Engineering Colleges


CII has come up with “In-Sync with Industry” an industry-integrated faculty development program for college teachers (Engineering) in the southern states of India. The main objective of this program is to equip the teachers with current industry knowledge and make them aware of the trends in their domain, research, innovation and most importantly job market and employment opportunities for their students. The focus would be on understanding and appreciating the knowledge, skills and practices from the manufacturing sector and related sub- sectors in the larger perspective of education and skill development. The program closes with certification from CII.

The program will be organized at Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd, from 8th August 2017.

Delegate fee: Rs. 12,000/ (for CII members) and Rs. 15,000 for non-member 

For more details: Click here to download the brochure

In Sync with IndustryWhy this program

The evolving industry-academia collaborative framework is getting shaped by the recent development in the area of skills, vocational training and entrepreneurship in India. As we move towards demand-driven education models, with more options for work-integrated learning, teachers become the primary champions of implementing new ideas and initiatives. They should also take up self-study and research projects to keep themselves updated about the new developments in the industry. Hence, we need to facilitate teacher development programs that are:

  • Aspirational– enhance their career growth and recognize extraordinary achievements
  • Empowering – expose them to latest developments in curriculum frameworks and show how their role is dynamic and evolving with developments in the industry
  • Leadership-based – even though most teachers come from purely academic background, they can take up a leadership role in interacting and engaging with the industry on a timely basis

How it will be implemented

 “In-Sync with Industry” needs active participation from the academic community and industry experts. While we expect the colleges to nominate their teachers for the program, we also welcome their feedback on current faculty development programs. We invite participation from the industry (subject expertise and program facilitation) by sharing their knowledge and nominating mentors and guides during the entire program schedule.

Program format:

  1. Orientation program (at the level of awareness)

  2. Industry Appreciation

  3. Industry Project (concept)

  4. Industry Project (Execution, Practical)

  5. Project report / demo

  6. Certification

StagesProcess Flow
Orientation ProgramPresentation about   the big picture of work-integrated

learning and industry-integrated curriculum in the orientation sessions – along with case studies, examples etc.,

Industry AppreciationThe     industry     representative     will     expose      the

participants to possible topics for study and projects. This will be followed by discussion.

Industry Project


The industry representative will guide the participants

in a focused manner and help them freeze on a topic of study with guidance on practical research.

Industry Project

(execution, practical)

The industry mentor   / expert with provide access to

factory environment through planned visits and help teachers understand the process etc as applicable to their projects.

Project Report /demoWriting and submission of Project Report, followed by presentation and demo.

Expectations from the academic institutions

  • Nominate at least 3 teachers from Engineering
  • Accommodate flexible time-table while the teachers are on their industry

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