Industry-Institute collaboration: The key to build Skilled India


In this guest article, B. V. Sudharshan, Deputy Managing Director, NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation) shares his views on the importance of Industry-Institute collaboration in building Skilled India.

What constitutes a “job” will need to be redefined in the future. Any gainful employment that provides income equal to or more than a standard office or factory-going job needs to be considered as a job.

The future of jobs in India will be determined by the country’s response to the inevitable impact created by the interplay of three primary forces – globalization, demographic changes and the adoption of Industry 4.0 exponential technologies by Indian industries. The impact of these three primary forces is expected to be disruptive in many sectors.

Emerging employment opportunities

The internet and exponential technologies are creating an exciting space in which potentially numerous gainful employment opportunities are emerging. While the same technologies are responsible for a job slowdown in the organized sector, if nurtured and supported, they have the potential to transform the job landscape in the country. The impact of these technologies is on both white-collar and blue-collar workplace.

Some of these employment models today are not being captured as “jobs” and these “employee-entrepreneur” work arrangements do not fit the conventional definition of “jobs.” So, while technology may be affecting jobs and skills in the traditional sectors in the short term, it is also creating new engines of employment creation.

Industry-Institute collaboration_ The key to build Skilled IndiaIndian millennials behind growing digital economy

Indian millennials are the driving force behind the growing digital economy. As per a recent Morgan Stanley research report, millennials are expected to form over 36% of the Indian population, accounting for 61% of its Internet users.

The rise of millennials is also redefining the workplace culture. The majority of millennials view innovation and flexibility as the key purpose of business and just as important as profitability.

Finding, retaining and constant up-gradation of workforce is one of the largest challenges faced by most of the Indian companies. Today’s knowledge-based economy is increasing the demands on workers’ skill levels. A skilled workforce is often the key to a company’s growth and stability, and it could be the determining factor in the success of the business.

NTTF’s industry-institute collaboration

In order to address these challenges of the rapidly changing nature of jobs Institutes together with Industry needs to provide experience-based learning for fresh trainees, reskilling and upskilling of experienced workers so that industry can get the right candidate with the right skills for the job.

At Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), we are seamlessly adopting new technologies as a part of our training and more importantly collaborating with leading industries in the field of technology. NTTF today has joint certification/agreement and centre of excellence in many leading technologies like: CISCO for Cyber Security, Intel for IOT & ML, Siemens for Automation, Fanuc Robotics, AWS for Cloud computing and UI path for RPA, etc.

These industry-institute collaborations not only help students to learn the most appropriate latest technology but also support Industries to create skill eco-system and Brand building.

Impact of Industry 4.0

New technologies are set to transform productivity in the next few years, a process referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Interdisciplinary collaboration, the linking of information and manufacturing technologies, and IT know-how will become increasingly important. The idea is that by utilizing data in a thoughtful manner driven by specific business goals, businesses will be able to gain new insights into their workflows and potentially add value.

For example, an Indian auto major is trying to redefine the experience of its automobile users by enhancing in-car connectivity and efficiency for an enriched mobility experience. It is collaborating with an IT major to develop smart, connected vehicle technologies by bringing together artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT capabilities. These new technologies are getting connected to a cloud platform and will provide a highly personalized, smart and safer driving experience to vehicle owners.

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One of the best path-breaking approach of NTTF is to join hands with technology leading company BOSCH for Industry 4.0 which will offer the best training on Industry.

BOSCH has pioneered in Industry 4.0 and implemented with great success at Bosch facilities. The participants of this program will gain knowledge directly from Bosch experts and also will witness at Bosch factory how Industry 4.0 is implemented effectively.

NTTF being a pioneer in skilling space, will provide hands-on experience in all relevant technologies of Industry 4.0 through its state of the art COEs in Automation, IOT, 3-D printing, Robotics, and Cyber Security.

This joint program is the benchmark for a perfect Industry–institute collaboration.

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