The ITI Dream of Rhino Machines


Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 8th April 1996 as a full-fledged manufacturing industry of foundry equipment transforming from a project and process consulting started in 1983. The main pillar of our growth constitutes our skilled workforce, those who have striven to constantly upgrade themselves with right knowledge, skill and aptitude. 80% of our workforce joined us after pursuing their education at Industrial Training Institute (ITI) set up by the government, catering to the vocational needs of the students.

ITIs have provided them the right head-start to equip themselves as Fitters, Welders, Turners and in other fields whereas working on the job gave them the right exposure to learn the practical aspects of the job work. Training and development have always been a crucial part of our organizational culture which has helped our people move forward in the careers, with continuous skilling and upskilling.

ITI dream of Rhino Machines

sanjay_-_rhino_machinesSanjay, our head instructor, graduated from ITI almost 20 years ago and started as a helper in his career. Today, Sanjay teaches the students undergoing the Swiss-vocational education course of Product Technician at the vocational centre of Rhino Machines. Looking back over his career, he says, he has become multi-skilled as a teacher and a worker. 

Let’s look at how Vijay Sinh Dabhi, who joined Rhino Machines as a Fitter, has grown in the organization to become an Instructor.

Vijay’s video is in Gujarati; here’s his story in English:  “My name is Vijay Sinh Dabhi. I live in in Anand Taluka, Vagahasi Village, Gujarat. After completing my 10th standard I studied in MTI – Baroda and I was trained as Fitter for 2 years. The reason of joining as fitter was that in other higher education courses not much practical knowledge is gained and getting a job is difficult. After doing 2 years in ITI as fitter, I did an apprenticeship for 1 year. Then I joined Pioneer Electric Furnace from 1991 to 1996, and learnt for 6 years.

After 6 years of learning I joined as fitter in Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd. After joining Rhino I learnt Gas Cutting, Welding, Brazing, Assembly and many other things. Since last 3 years I have joined ACE Foundation as an Instructor and I am imparting knowledge and skills to students.”

Nishit Rhino Machines EmployeeNishit, our young employee, passed out from ITI in the year 2004 and underwent a series of Industrial training courses to find the right balance between theory and practical working in Industry at Rhino Machines. Today, he is taking care of the electrical department at Rhino Machines.

The success stories of our ITI graduates do not end here; they have striven to learn from the ongoing learning programmes and their peers to train the engineers today. More than 100 engineers are trained as interns under our ITI graduate workforce to learn and grow in the industrial sector.

With right amount of industrial exposure, training of trainers of the ITI instructors and practical pedagogy, the students from ITI will truly play a pivotal role in the ‘Make in India’ dream. To achieve this, the industrial sector has to take a step forward and become stakeholders in the vocational education space – join hands with ITIs and the students graduating to lend the industrial support required.

About the author: Nihar Agarwal : Manager, Communication, ACE Foundation. Nihar can be reached at 

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