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To all the food enthusiasts, here’s news for you! India’s most potential sector, the food processing industry is out in the market, offering a huge variety of jobs. Being an agro based country, India heavily depends on its food processing sector in terms of revenue.This industry offers jobs spread across five sub sectors; bread and bakery, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, and seafood . Here is clear information about five sub sectors and appealing jobs each of them present –

1.       Bread and Bakery

The Indian bakery industry is one of the biggest sections in the country’s processed food industry. Its organised bakery sector produces about 1.3 million tonnes of bakery products. The bakery segment in India can be classified into the three broad segments of bread, biscuits and cakes.

Popular job roles –

  •         Plant Baker
  •         Baking Technician/Operative
  •         Plant Biscuit Production Specialist

Technical Skills required –

  •         Networking skills
  •         Knowledge of the basics of weighing / scaling
  •         Basic knowledge of baking techniques
  1.       Dairy Products

It is a well known fact that the India is the largest producer as well as consumer of dairy products in the world. Being the largest dairy sector in the world, it employs lakhs of people, both in large scale operations as well as in small and medium enterprises.

Popular Job Roles –

  •         Ice Cream Processing Technician    
  •         Cottage Cheese Maker
  •         Milk Powder Manufacturing Technician
  •         Dairy Products Processor

Technical Skills required –

  •         Understanding of correct sampling methods
  •         Basic knowledge about dairy animals.
  •         Networking skills


  1.       Fruits and Vegetables

As millennials are walking in the vegan direction, they are making the best use of the alternative; fruity and green foods. With growing awareness about healthy foods and lifestyle, the vegetable and fruits processing industry is on a boom. As it is, this industry is employing a lot of people under a variety of job roles.

Popular Job roles –

  •         Squash and Juice Processing Technician
  •         Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician
  •         Pickle Making Technician
  • Pickle Making Machine runner.

.Pickle making

Technical Skills required –

  •         Knowledge of ingredients and raw materials
  •         Basic mathematical skills
  •         Knowledge of basic controls of machines
  1.       Meat and Poultry
    With Indian population at 1.36 billion at the moment, the demand for meat is increasing at a drastic rate. Being accepted in almost all communities and regions of the country, eggs and chicken almost always top the charts in terms of demand.

Popular Job Roles –

  •         Supervisor-Meat and Poultry
  •         Meat and Poultry Processor

Technical Skills required –

  •         Ability to take care of the nutrition needs
  •         Ability to examine the health of birds and animals
  •         Meticulous tracking of time
  1. Fish and Seafood

The Indian fish industry contributes heavily, especially to domestic governments of coastal regions. The fish and seafood sector has an all time boom and never ceases to offer employment, specifically in coastal areas of the country.

Popular job roles –

  •         Fish examiner
  •         Fish and Seafood Processing Technician

Technical Skills required –

  •         Visual examination skills
  •         Ability to forecast daily demand and maintain procurement
  •         Attention to detail

In order to work in the processing industry, one must also display certain soft skills. Here are 5 skills that every person aspiring to work in this industry must have –

  • Communication skills
  • Team working skills
  • Strong decision making
  • Ability to handle customers
  • Analytical skills

Work in your favourite sector and before that, do not forget to acquire the necessary skills!
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