Kaun Banega Master Stylist : A unique platform from Raymond to celebrate the craft of tailoring


Raymond has been active over the years to establish the new age organized tailoring ecosystem in the country. There have been various sustained efforts by Raymond both at the front-end and back-end to push the envelope and change the imagery of customized clothing in India. Every year, Raymond celebrates World Tailor’s Day on 28th February, to express gratitude and  recognize and reward the relentless passion that creates the magical moments of customer delight. This is a great occasion to bring visibility to the skills and knowledge that make tailoring a highly valued craft all over the world.

A 4C strategy covering Capability, Capacity, Connect and Consumer was created and imbibed by Raymond to establish a sustainable quality workforce which could fulfil the aspirations of ever-demanding customers.

Capacity: Raymond introduced the concept of Authorised Tailoring Hubs as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest. With quality infrastructure, modern machineries as well as conducive working conditions these hubs have been insptrumental in not only improving outputs but setting the standard for the tailoring industry.

Capability: A Tailoring Centre Of Excellence (COE) was established with a primary focus of building the capability of the tailoring ecosystem comprising of master tailors, cutting masters and karigars. Further, building expertise and knowledge of the tailor masters becomes critical to satisfy the growing demand of customers.

Connect: Under this initiative and with an objective to give back to the community of tailors, Raymond established Kaun Banega Master Stylist (KBMS). A unique platform to bring together and identify the best Master Stylist from across the talent pool of tailor masters, stylists and designers in our country.

Kaun Banega Master Stylist RaymondKaun Banega Master Stylist (KBMS) from Raymond

The contest held over a period of 8 months has the tailoring community excitedly working on the development of individual designs post announcement of the contest in July 2018. The regional round comprises of tailor masters and students presenting their designs to distinguished jury members who are reputed designers themselves or representing premier design institutes of the country.

Master stylist RaymondThe shortlisted finalists will participate in the finale of the KBMS program (now in its second season). The event coupled with commemoration of World Tailor’s Day on 28th February will give tailors an opportunity to express themselves individually and through the recognition they get, encourage many more to join this profession which has seen declining interests across generations.

What comprises the qualification for Kaun Banega Master Stylist (KBMS)?

The contest was open for participation by Tailor Masters as well as Students of Fashion Design from across the country. The first step for an aspiring stylist was to register and qualify at any of the regional centres across the zones.

  • The participants were asked to design garments covering 3 occasions: Formal Wear, Smart Casual and Ceremonial.
  • This year, we had over 1200 entries participating in the regional rounds in the country. The regional rounds were conducted across 8 cities during the month of December 2018.
  • Of these, a total of 90 Tailor Masters and 30 Students are shortlisted to participate in the grand finale.
  • For the grand finale, all the shortlisted participants will be provided with their choice of fabric for designing individual garments.
  • These garments will be showcased by fashion models at the Fashion Show to be held on the 28th of February. Model measurements are shared in advance so that garments are made to their measure
  • Apart from the fashion show, individual participants will get an opportunity to participate in contests such as Mannequin contest, Golden Needle contest etc. which will help us identify the overall strength of each contestant.

Raymond celebrates tailorsWinners will be recognized and awarded on World Tailor’s Day (28th February 2019):

  • Best Master Stylist – Grand Prize Rs. 50,000
  • Occasion Wear Master Stylist – Rs. 25000
  • Formal Wear Master Stylist – Rs. 25000
  • Best Student Stylist – Rs 50,000/- with 6 months internship at a Raymond Authorised Tailoring Hub

In addition, the top 2 winners from amongst the Tailor Masters will get an opportunity to represent India at the World Federation of Master Tailors Conference to be held at Verona in Italy.

The winning student will get a chance to have his/ her designs showcased at one of the top Raymond stores in the country and also get a chance to intern with Raymond for 6 months.

In our Iconic brand journey, the fabric business has been a key differentiator in our portfolio with Tailors and the Tailoring Service being an enabler for the fabric business as well as an important competitive advantage for the TRS in this hyper-competitive retail landscape.

Our tailors have been instrumental in bringing alive the ‘design concepts to final stitched ensembles’ for our customers through fine skills and craftsmanship. It is their craftsmanship that ensures our discerning customers go back delighted and stay connected with the brand. Every year we celebrate World Tailor’s Day on 28th February to express our gratitude and celebrate their relentless passion that creates the magical moments of customer delight.

Guest Author: Ajit Pattnaik, GM & Head Tailoring, Raymond

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