Crisis management skills: Listening


Have you often wondered how effectively you are communicating? Do you want to be excellent at communication? Start with becoming good at listening as only a good listener can become a good communicator. Listening attentively will help you understand the speaker’s perspective. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities both in your professional and personal life.

As a skill, listening is greatly valued by the employers. You will be asked to demonstrate your listening skills during job interviews. Good listening skills will help you build a strong relationship with your co-workers. It will help you  understand the tasks and projects better. So are you a good listener?

There are many ways which you can adapt to become a good listener. With so much information available, you are bound to be confused. So we prepared some of the basic skills which you can consciously practice to be good at listening. Read on to know more about the skills.

Be attentive

When a person is speaking, you have to be attentive. Don’t look into your phone or think about something else. Try to understand what the speaker is saying. Listening attentively will help you understand the speaker’s perspective. It ensures a better understanding of the matter which in turn will help you communicate effectively.

ListeningKeep an open mind

While listening to a person don’t be judgmental. Keep an open mind and try to understand the situation. So, don’t jump into conclusions. Listen without judging the other person or mentally criticizing the things they tell you will make them comfortable and will lead to a better and effective communication.

Give some proof that you are listening

Show the speaker that you understand where the speaker is coming from by reflecting the speaker’s feelings. Don’t unnecessarily interrupt the speaker. You can show your understanding through appropriate facial expressions. The idea here is to give the speaker some proof that you are listening and understanding.

Ask relevant questions

You can ask questions to the speaker to ensure your understanding. Don’t ask unnecessary questions and stay within the limit of the topic. Don’t break the flow of the speaker. However, asking questions related to the topic will help the speaker know that you are attentive and interested in the communication.

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Listening is a highly valued skill and is important for effective communication. Listening is a crucial part in effective communication. Yet we seem to devote less and less time to really listening to one another. You can consciously practice the above mentioned skills to be good at listening which inturn will help you become a good communicator.

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