Meet this 10-year-old highly skilled chef-entrepreneur who has sky-high dreams


Have you ever come across a 10-year-old with a great passion for baking? Or have you ever met a 10 year old entrepreneur who is successfully running his/her own culinary brand? Team NSN was fascinated to come across such an inspiring and highly skilled chef, Vinusha MK. We were intrigued to know more and connected with her. 

“I baked my first cake for my mother on her birthday with the help of my friend. It is then I realized how much I loved baking. I always talk about baking as it fascinates me. I spend most of my time watching baking related videos and improving my baking skills”, says Vinusha MK, a 10 year old passionate chef-entrepreneur.  

Meet this 10-year-old highly skilled chef-entrepreneur who has sky-high dreamsVinusha, a class 5th student from Chennai, is a passionate chef and is the owner of her own brand which is known as Four Seasons Pastry which offers cupcakes that are inspired by the four seasons. “I love seasons a lot. So I incorporated the seasons in the cupcakes. My cupcakes are my signature”, says Vinusha. Her passion and enthusiasm for baking has taken the baking world by storm.

She passionately dedicated her time to improve her culinary skills through lessons and videos and was always in search of new things to learn. She did an internship in a five star hotel where she gained the required hands-on experience and was trained under professional chefs. This helped her sharpen her baking skills to a great extent at a young age.

Her parents constantly support her to pursue her dreams. “My parents took me to a mini entrepreneurial session where I met with many entrepreneurs. Their stories and ideas inspired me to start my own venture and that is how Four Season Pastry was born”, she says.

Meet this 10-year-oldThe entrepreneurial spirit of Vinusha is remarkable. At such a young age she has managed to gain recognition for her own brand. She has divided her venture in four verticals: 

  • First vertical is about baking cakes, cupcakes, brownies etc.
  • The second vertical of her venture is the Baking Kit that she has launched in January this year
  • The third vertical is her baking classes for kids. She is planning to start a baking class for kids and moms. Her baking classes are all about learning by doing. Here learners will get the required hands on experience which will help them while baking.
  • The fourth vertical of her venture is her motivational speeches which are conducted for college students and graduates.

Vinusha’s Baking Kit is a unique combination of ingredients, methods and STEM of baking. One would be able to learn the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics behind baking. The kit was launched at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) exhibition in Mumbai and priced at Rs. 450. She aims to expand her Baking Kit throughout India which is one of her short term goals. 

At such a young age, she is able to juggle between her studies and work. While she dedicated most of her time to baking, she has never neglected her studies. Vinusha is very ambitious and aspires to study in a famous culinary institute in future. 

She has high expectations for her brand and aims to be at the top. She wants to set up a baking institute for those who are passionate about baking and can’t afford to study abroad.  She also has a weekend cooking show where she cooks many amazing dishes. 

Vinusha’s Four Season Pastry, launched on September 15, 2019, has completed its one year recently. Team NSN congratulates the chef-entrepreneur for her success and wishes her all the very best for her future endeavors. 

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