MESC and MHRD announce new job-oriented degree programs in Media and Entertainment sector at Manthan 2019


Manthan, a pathbreaking initiative by Media Sector Skill Council (MESC) in collaboration with MHRD was held at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad on 23rd September 2019.  The main objective of Manthan was to help Academia think beyond placements and look for a continuous collaboration with the industry. The awareness workshop was on higher education options for job-oriented, industry-integrated Degree courses. The workshop was attended hundreds of participants and was graced by the presence of many dignitaries including Mr. Subhash Ghai as the chief guest.

Mohit Soni CEO MESC at ManthanThe programme was initiated by welcoming the guests and with the lighting of the auspicious lamp. Mr Mohit Soni, CEO MESC welcomed the guest and delivered the welcome note. He explained the importance and agenda of the program. He invited all the experts from the industry coming from different spheres of the industry to deliver their thoughts on this occasion

Rajeev Jalnapurkar CEO at ManthanA special note was delivered by Mr Rajeev Jalnapukar, CEO of Ramoji Film City.  Where he welcomed all the guests to world’s largest film city. He informed the audience about the rich history of the film city. He praised the initiative by MESC and said Manthan can bring a lot of change. Ramoji Film City will do their best to facilitate the program for its success.He A special short film on Ramoji Film City was shown for the audience’s delight.

Subba Rao MHRD at ManthanMr Subba Rao, Senior Economic Advisor, MHRD gave the inaugural speech where he appropriately emphasized the need for industry-ready education as lack of skilled workforce is the main reason for the increasing unemployability. He said it is important for all educational institutions to change their mindset on B Voc and M.Voc and these should be mainstreamed. He envisioned the scenario wherein the education and economy connection would be established and implementation of skill embedded courses in 10,000 colleges in the next 10 years. 

Subhash Ghai at Manthan from MESC and MHRDThe Chief guest  Mr Subhash Ghai, Chairman, MESC in his enlightening speech, emphasized on the importance of the right kind of education. He said the all round development of a child is important where the child should be developed in all the areas including human, skills, creativity and innovation. He also requested all of the educational institutions and universities to encourage the youth to break the mould and explore creative jobs. Mr Ghai highlighted the need for creative thinking among youth which should be inculcated at a very young age. As creativity would help them break free the monotony of being a service provider and would actually help them to create something on their own. 

MESC and MHRD Manthan 2019After Mr Ghai’s knowledgeable words, Creative Warriors, a program to enhance skills through creativity, was launched and a brief about Creative Warriors and the training programs under that was given by Mr Mohit Soni. He explained how the training programs work and how students could register themselves for different courses as per their interest. 

Launch of 3 new job oriented degree courses in Media and Entertainment industry

A brief description was given on the job oriented degree courses available under Creative Warriors by Mr Mohit Soni. The degree courses consists of B.Sc. in performing arts, animation and VFX, film making, graphic and web design, and AR and VR.

The candidates should be passionate about the courses they are taking and they must have passed their 12th in order to avail the courses. The duration of these courses are 36 months. All these courses consists of different modules.

Modules under B.Sc. in performing arts are dance, voice over and acting. Animation and VFX course consists of modules on animation, VFX and direction. B.Sc in film making consists of modules on script writing, camera operation, editing and live action direction.

Creative Warriors is the initiative by MESC which has several training programs. This can really transform the way students acquire education and will help in their emotional development. For details of the programs please visit:

After the launch of Creative Warriors, a presentation was given on the importance of long term and industry linked training programs in M&E sector by Mr Chaitanya Chinchilkar, Whistling Woods International. He explained how india has failed to take the media education to the global stage in spite of the 107 years of rich history in the film industry. He rightly emphasized on the importance of an output based education system in the media industry. He said M&E sectors should have a proper educational ecosystem where colleges and universities should provide full time degree courses and post graduation courses. Mr Chinchilkar said that the students should have a foundational education from the high school level. He emphasized on the mainstreaming of M&E courses while talking about the upskilling of the students in M&E sectors.

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Delivering his ideas on the next big thing- gaming, Mr Manvendra Shukul CEO, Lakshya Digital, said that gaming is driven by technology. It is a combination of storytelling, animation and visual arts hence there is humongous opportunities lying in this field. He asked the audience to change their mindset about the gaming industry. He attracted the attention of the gathering towards the lack of any specific courses in the sector which is stopping India to become a powerhouse in gaming. He rightly emphasized on the need of viable framework of education in the gaming industry.

With powerful presentation and knowledgeable words Mr Pete Draper, CEO of Makuta VFX and the man behind the exceptionally good visuals of Baahubali, explained the need of practice and creativity among the youth. He said it is important for any one to practice their skills regularly to be able to reach success. He also said it is important to think creatively. He put emphasis on the need of right education in the visual effects sector. He thoughtfully provided the audience with a brief about the available job roles in the sector. 

Mr Sathish Rao, Chief Expert, WorldSkills India,  delivered his experience of training the WorldSkills 2019 champion Shweta Ratanpura and other champions. He also said when nobody was ready to take up the challenge of training them his company Design Media took the initiative to train them. He explained the importance of industry-academia integration. He also informed the audience about his companies support to MESC and other government initiatives. He also emphasized on pushing one’s limit to reach the heights of success. He ended his speech with a short video on the work that his company Design Media is doing. 

Mr Subba Rao asked the representatives from colleges and universities to try and implement the ideas that were shared by the delegates. Mr Rao offered his vote of thanks to the audience and the dignitaries. 


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