MESC’s Creative Warriors program builds a talent pool for the Media and Entertainment industry


Remember the student from your class, who could sketch beautifully and attracted all the teacher’s attention? What about the one who could do stunning craftwork or the one who could write a good story? All these students were considered special, weren’t they? The one quality which made them stand out is their creativity.

Irrespective of the age or career one chooses, creativity and performing arts are essential to every human being. With technological advancements, changing dynamics in learning and teaching in schools and colleges, creativity becomes a priority in the educational discourse in our country.

Creative Warriors – Everyone is a genius

Acknowledging the importance of creativity as part of education, Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC), has launched a program called Creative Warriors – Everyone is a genius. Creative Warriors was launched on 23rd September, 2019, at Manthan, a trailblazing event held in Hyderabad, to help academia think beyond placements and look for continuous collaboration with the industry.

MESC aims to establish the essence of creativity among all the students across the country to facilitate them to showcase their talent at various platforms. MESC believes Creative Warriors will help students to amplify their skills through creativity. By harnessing the creativity in the students from a young age, they grow up to become sensible individuals who embrace curiosity, be persistent, be able to make correct judgments, tolerate ambiguity and come up with ideas to quickly solve the problems.

“Creative Warriors can really transform the way the students acquire and how they apply it in their real life. In fact, programs offered under Creative Warriors can play a key role in a student’s emotional development.” Mr. Subhash Ghai, Chairman, MESC

MESC’s Creative Warrior program builds a talent pool for the Media and Entertainment industry

Objectives of Creative Warriors Program

  • Rewards and recognition
  • Opportunity to represent India on the Global platform
  • Industry-integrated programs of future trends
  • Workshops by experts and celebrities
  • International student and faculty exchange
  • Customised programs for various segments
  • Enhancing skills through creativity

Mainstreaming Media and Entertainment Skills in Education programs

Creative Warriors program encourages the students to be ingenious, imaginative and creative through its foundational courses. The foundational courses are designed differently for students at the school level, college level and at the university level. At all the 3 levels, the courses are designed keeping in mind the entry and exit possibilities of students. They provide an opportunity to opt for multiple programs at several stages of the academics.

Courses offered through Creative Warriors are completely career-oriented and industry-integrated. Some of the foundational courses offered at the school level through Creative Warriors are Acting, Mobile Filmmaking, Digital Media, Graphic Design, 2D and 3D Game Design, Fine Arts and Crafts among others. However, at the college and university level, the MESC offers Degree, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs along with multiple entry and exit options through Creative Warriors. MESC assists colleges to receive the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF)-aligned curriculum of national recognition and certification. In the three-year degree program of B.Sc. (Bachelor of Sciences), students get to do an internship for 6 months with some of the Top companies in the Media and Entertainment sector, with an assured placement after the course. At College and University level, MESC offers foundational and intermediate courses in Acting/ Theatre, Dance/Aerobics, Digital Photography, Animation and Visual Effects, Print Technology, Modelling, etc.

The Creative Warriors program will prepare students for many skills competitions like MESC Skills, IndiaSkills, WorldSkills, etc. The competitions are held at various levels like District Level, State Level, National Level and International Level. Through foundational and intermediate courses offered by Creative Warriors, students can polish their skills for competing at the global arena.

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Enhancing creativity in students

MESC’s initiative of Creative Warriors emphasises on the importance of creativity in the educational discourse in India. It tries to inculcate and boost the creative skills of students right from their school. It helps in building the talent pool of skilled professionals for the Media and Entertainment industry.

In the times of technological disruption all over the world, it is the skill of creativity that will help the human race in tackling the changes. The originality in ideas, flexibility in perception, quickness in taking decisions which come from being creative, will not help a student succeed in his/her professional career but also as an individual. Organisations across the globe tend to consider and hire employees with creativity as they add value to the organisation. Creativity is no longer limited to singing a song or being able to play piano, it is far beyond that. It is the functioning of key behaviours like experimenting, associating, observing, questioning and networking that optimize the brain.

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