Skill Times – India’s first mobile app on skill development


On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day 2016, Team NSN launched Skill Times – India’s first mobile app on skill development and employability. The app was launched by Mr. Sujiv Nair, CEO, Telangana Academy of Skill and Knowledge (TASK), Hyderabad. Mr. Nair appreciated the efforts that went into developing the Android app and brought out the significance of mobile apps in learning and skilling. He said, “With a growing number of youth having access to mobile phones and handheld devices, Skill Times, has great potential to reach many in the country. With digital technology on the rise, creating a buzz around skill development is very important. Having information on finger tips is a great boon for skilling as it helps people learn on the move.”

Google Play Store Download link

Skill Times mobile app on skill development

Download Skill Times Android App from Google Play Store

Skill Times from National Skills Network (NSN) keeps you updated on news and views in the training, skill development and employment. Now you can make your training and learning decisions on the move with the help of latest updates on initiatives in skill development, expert opinions and industry news. Click the link below to download the app:

 Highlights of the Skill Times app

  • Credible and authentic content from National Skills Network (NSN), India’s first digital platform dedicated to training, skill development and employability.
  • Byte sized chunks of industry news that keeps you informed about the latest happenings in the training and skill development space in India and other countries.
  • Skill Stories and Skill Talks from the key stakeholders in the skill space – first time documentation of challenges and solutions from training partners, industry leaders, government officials and academic leaders
  • Highly practical and inspirational articles on how to improve your employability skills and remain marketable in the fast changing job scene
  • Success stories from students, trainees, employees and parents on various aspects of connecting education and skills with jobs and careers
  • Invitation to collaborate and share success stories on innovative training, careers and student’s journeys from education to employment

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