Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) partners Adobe to launch Adobe Digital Disha Programme


Adobe signed an MoU with NSDC and DGT under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for the launch of Adobe Digital Disha – a programme focused on helping vocational institutes leverage the power of Adobe Spark to integrate creativity and digital literacy into classrooms and curriculum, encouraging students to develop essential skills needed for jobs in the digital era.

Adobe Digital Disha is expected to touch the lives of over 1 million students and teachers across India by the year 2020.

It aims to spur creative thinking and digital literacy across vocational institutes in India.

With Adobe Digital Disha, Adobe Spark with premium features, a fun and frictionless storytelling Creative Cloud application that runs in any web or mobile browser, is now available free of charge for education and skill development. This will enable students to quickly and easily express themselves via graphics, web stories and video to creatively approach their assignments as well as develop digital portfolios. Teachers can easily create digital lesson plans and tutorials using Spark applications. Adobe is also making significant investments to conduct capacity building sessions regionally for teachers and students alike.

Adobe and NSDC MoU

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Hon’ble Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, said, “The rapid evolution of technology and innovation are changing the fundamentals of skills needed to thrive in today’s digital era. While a section of jobs are becoming redundant due to technology, newer jobs are being created at double the pace – bringing forward the need of the youth to acquire a new breed of skillsets that will help them leverage the opportunity and maximise their own potential. Today, it is commendable to see major IT companies like Adobe join us in this mission drive creative skills and digital proficiency among the masses of India”

“Creativity cuts across communication, collaboration and critical thinking, so that people can push the boundaries of expression and have meaningful impact,” said Mala Sharma, VP & GM, Creative Cloud Product Marketing and Engagement, Adobe. “I see Digital Literacy as a key pillar within the Government of India’s Digital India and Skill India initiatives. The importance of fun and easy-to-use creativity tools inside and outside the classroom has never been as crucial in the vocational and educational landscape than it is today. With the Adobe Digital Disha program, Adobe Spark will go a long way in enhancing digital literacy a core pillar of learning, thereby opening up a range of new possibilities for students and educators in India to express themselves and learn critical skills needed both in the classroom and when they enter the workforce”.

Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, Adobe South Asia said, “With its rapid internet penetration, strong millennial population, and the impetus on skilling, re-killing and upskilling led by the Government of India’s ‘Skill India’ vision – the world is watching India emerge as a true knowledge economy. All these factors are driving disruption in all facets of the lives of Indians, including the way in which the youth of today are approaching education and skilling for the long haul. The educational system has made several positive strides in adapting to India’s digital transformation wave – and today, we are excited to launch Adobe Digital Disha and the initiative’s first alliance with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as part of our commitment to enabling India’s digital and creative acumen by skilling the youth of our nation.”

Adobe had earlier released the findings of its research that indicated the intersection of creativity and technology as key to the success of India’s Gen Z students. The Adobe study, which surveyed 500 Gen Z students and 200 teachers in India, concluded that a staggering 95 percent of students and 91 percent of teachers see creativity as essential to Gen Z students’ future careers. The study also found that 94 percent of students and 90 percent of teachers view technology tools playing a key role in Gen Z’s long-term career preparedness.

Adobe Digital Disha is aimed at driving synergies in creative thinking and technology based learning, which is set to be crucial towards helping India’s young minds stand apart in the future workforce.

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