National Welding League helps women welders to weld wonders


Our sincere thanks to Mr. Sanjib Kumar Rout, Chairman, C. V. Raman Global University for facilitating an interaction with the women welders who participated in the National Welding League 2020 with an aim to weld wonders.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, C V Raman Global University organized the second edition of National Welding League (NWL) 2020 in collaboration with Fronius India Pvt Ltd. This was a first of its kind event in the entire country where people of welding fraternity from academics, training institutions and industries came together under one roof.

The male bastion welding industry is now witnessing a huge participation form talented young women who aspire to build a career in the field.

After the huge success of the first edition, the second edition was organized to encourage young talents to get into the welding industry breaking all the barriers. The three-day event was entirely aligned to the World Skills format with Indian Institute of Welding as a knowledge partner and with World Skills Welding Experts as jury members. Over 200 girls from about 40 institutions of PAN India participated in the event. Capital Goods Sector Skill Council felicitated all the participants with basic and advanced welder certification as per assessment results.

Meet women who weld wonders at the National Welding League 2020

It would not be wrong to say that the women weld wonders at the National Welding League every year. While the second edition of the event also witnessed huge participation from young talents from across India, the students of C V Raman Global University bagged most of the medals and brought pride to their university.

Ms. Apti Vyas from C V Raman Global University won Bronze medal with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. The Silver medal went to Ms Kamini Kumari, C V Raman Global University along with a cash prize of Rs. 15,000. Ms Urmila Nayak, C V Raman Global University won the Gold medal along with a cash prize of Rs. 20,000.

There were five medallions of excellence along with cash prize of Rs. 5000 to Kuni Behera, Pooja Swain, Manisha, Ladli and Veenu Pritha s. C V Raman Global University was declared as the league champions after the excellent performance of their students.

National Welding League helps women welders to weld wondersMeet women with life long fascination for welding at the National Welding League 2020

The National Welding League saw women from various backgrounds. There were students from engineering, ITI and B Voc. We interacted with some of the participants from Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Punjab, to know how they got interested into welding and what they look forward to for a career in welding. With their dreams and aspirations these women weld wonders at the National Welding League every year.

When asked why they chose such a different field like welding, Lourdes Priyadharshini S from Tamil Nadu, Manisha Devi from Sri Vishwakarma Skill University, Haryana and Amanpreet Kaur form Punjab expressed that welding always fascinated them and they wanted to do something unique compared to their classmates in the college and wanted to discard the notion of the job to be a man’s work.

An ITI student from C V Raman and one of the medallion of excellence winner, Kuni Behera expressed her joy and said, “I have learned many new things after participating in the event. I will utilize the newly learned knowledge to excel in this field.

Apti Byas, a third year B.Tech student of C V Raman Global University, who won the Bronze medal said, “Welding is very fascinating and it always excites me. Welding industry is always welcoming towards women welders and there is huge potential for growth. Considering the career opportunities I would love to build a career in welding.”

There was one thing in common in all the participants. Each of them was enthusiastic about welding and they all would like to build a career in welding.

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The enthusiasm of the participants was praiseworthy and their universities and colleges contributed a lot in their journey to reach at the competition. The training that was provided by their colleges helped these young talents perform so brightly. The event covered practical skill tests as per World Skills format, live demonstration of latest and advanced welding equipment and technology. Top 50 participants of Simulator Skill Test got gifts from Fronius India Pvt Ltd. Top 20 participants of MMAW/ GMAW and TIG received certification from Capital Goods Sector Skill Council.

It is time, the welding industry should see more women joining the welding arena and the events like National Welding League for Women will encourage young women to see welding as a career option. This will supplement the demand of the industry and will address the issue of skilled workforce shortage in the recent times.

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