Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) conducts its 55th convocation


NTTF has been imparting technical training since 1959 and today it has 15 core training centres and over 60 industry-partnered setups throughout India. The courses offered in major domains of Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Computer Engineering and Mechatronics make the students future-ready besides transforming them into highly skilled professionals.

NTTF also offers various short term skilling programs as a part of their commitment to skilling India, in partnership with NSDC. Many State Skill Development Missions have invited NTTF to support skilling activities. True to the motto “securing your future with your own hands”, NTTF has demonstrated that skill-based, job-oriented courses go a long way in making youth employable and turn quite a few of them into entrepreneurs.

nttf_convocationNettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) conducted its 55th convocation in Bengaluru on 25th October 2019. The solemn event was graced by the presence of Mr. Subroto Bagchi, Chairman,  Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA), Mr. N Reguraj, Managing Director, NTTF, Mr. Sarosh Ghandy Chairman, Edutech- NTTF, Mr. R. Rajagopalan, Dy, Managing Director, Mr. B. V. Sudharshan, Director NTTF, Mr. Christopher K Raj, Director, Edutech – NTTF; Mr. K Venugopal, Managing Advisory Council Member, Mr. N Arul Selvan, Managing Advisory Council Member and other esteemed members. The ceremony began with nadaswaram and a processional march of the dignitaries to the dais.

After lighting the ceremonial lamp, the rank holders were felicitated and candidates who successfully completed Postgraduate Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Post Diploma and Diploma programs received their diplomas. Merit certificates were distributed to the rank holders along with the best trainer award to the outstanding faculty member. Mr. Sarosh Ghandy Chairman, Edutech- NTTF congratulated the students and emphatically reminded that their education is just beginning as they step into the world of work.

To recognize the growth of a former student in the corporate world, Shriram Joshi , a 1993 batch alumnus of NTTF was invited to share his experience. Shriram had completed a diploma in tool and die making and is now the business head for South Asia. He exhorted the students to grow and provide leadership and applauded the Rope In program which is all about teamwork. He advised the students to think techno commercial to get insights into business and to bring technical and R&D together to be a solution provider.

n_reguraj_nttf_convocationMr. N Reguraj appreciated the hard work and commended the students’ efforts. To bring attention to the future workplace, he said, “with change in technology, we are worried about the future, with questions like will the training be adequate? But it must be a process of lifelong learning. It is a journey and not a destination.” He also advised the students to use online sources to learn and take one step at a time.

Mr. Subroto Bagchi, the chief guest, in his convocation address said” NTTF is the most admired skilling institution in country. It is now going global. Focus is very important in the life of a skilled professional. One should have the ability to convert resources into things of value. These qualities set them apart from other graduates. The students possess kinaesthetic intelligence which gives them superior physical dexterity and ability to act and respond quickly. This capacity comes from the harmony between body and mind. Problem-solving capability, that can fix a problem to keep the production line moving and skill training gives the ability to see the big pictures of how their work fits in the business strategy of a company.” Click here to read complete convocation address by Mr. Subroto Baghi.

nttf_conducts_55th_convocationAnother special moment on the occasion was the launch of the coffee table book on the NTTF alumni who became successful entrepreneurs. The book entitled “The Zenith of Entrepreneurship” captures stories of achievements of the alumni as they scaled new heights in their entrepreneurial journey. The ceremony ended with the singing of national anthem and the joyous candidates got busy with group photos to create memories of their special day.

On this occasion we also captured few testimonials from the students.

V Rishika NTTFRishika , Diploma in Electronics “In engineering we don’t have much practical knowledge. But in our Diploma course we could connect between what we are studying and what we get to do at the workplace. It helped me greatly while attending the interviews. Everyone should know what is the advantage of joining a Diploma programme. Because here we do better than engineering students. Right now, I am placed in National Instruments as Software Technician and I am completing my internship. NTTF guarantees a job and this makes every parent happy.”

Harsha Vardhan NTTFHarsha Vardhan V, Diploma in Electronics and Communication, Embedded systems and VLSI. “In Engineering colleges, it is more of theoretical knowledge not practical. But in NTTF everything is practical and futuristic. Whoever wants to really learn and be progressive, they will become an expert. I am right now placed in L&T technology services Mysuru. “



Vishnu Varma NTTFVishnu Varma,  Diploma in Electronics. “ I am from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. I came to know about NTTF through my uncle when one of my cousins got placed. I am a Layout Engineer placed in VLSI company. 3 years of diploma programme is equal to 6 years of B.Tech. Because here it is 60% practical.”



Nithyan NTTFNithyan, Diploma in Mechatronics. “In NTTF we are in labs most of the time, doing things practically. Whereas in other colleges they only know the tools. Here I learned electronics, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics and other courses. I am a technical service engineer placed at Pidilite in Bengaluru.”



Ayyapa Lokesh NTTFPoorna Brahmam NTTFPoorna Brahmam, Diploma in IT, “It is very useful as it is more of practical knowledge. I studied Viman Robotics and now learning Python.” Ayyapa Lokesh – Diploma in IT “they impart practical knowledge in IT programming language. There is no much use of theory that we get to learn in B.Tech. Here we get hands-on experience. Right now, I am placed in Go Digit company.”


Anju Joy NTTFAnju Joy , Diploma in IT “In Diploma we have more practical classes than theory. Whereas in Degree you have more of theory classes with just 1-2 hours of lab experience. This course helps us to be job-ready for the industry. We follow the same rules as industry in NTTF.”


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