NSDC to organize webinar on Accreditation and Affiliation Process


National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is going to organize a webinar to demystify the process of Accreditation and Affiliation. The registration is open for the webinar and NSDC is inviting applications for the same. The webinar will be conducted in three different batches, batch one, batch two and batch three. Batch one will be held on 24th March, batch two will be on 26th March 2020 and batch three will be held on 31st March 2020. And the time slot for all the batches is 11 pm to 1 pm.

Each batch consists of 250 participants who can be Development Entities, Professionals and stakeholders. The registration for all the batches will be closed on 20th March 2020 at 5pm. 

Things participants will learn during the webinar:

  • Overview of accreditation and affiliation process
  • Training Provider Registration
  • Training Centre Registration
  • Assessment Process
  • Support Process
  • Grievance Management

NSDC to organize webinar on Accreditation and Affiliation ProcessThe webinar aims to provide an in depth introduction to Accreditation and Affiliation (A&A) process. The participants will be able to get an overview of the Accreditation and Affiliation process. The webinar will also help the participants to know more about the Training Provider Registration, Training Centre Registration, Assessment Processes, Support Processes and Grievance Management.

Webinar registration link: NSDC webinar on Accreditation and Affiliation Process

Centre Accreditation and Affiliation is a quality assurance process, under which Training Centres (TCs) are evaluated on defined quantitative and qualitative parameters determined by Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) to ensure standardization of training aids, infrastructure availability, etc. The Accreditation and Affiliation follows the SMART process.

SMART process is delivered through a unified platform, Skill India Portal that facilitates Accreditation, Affiliation and Continuous Monitoring of the TCs, which shall play a significant role in achieving the desired quality standards across various schemes. 

Accreditation and Affiliation are the measuring scales for the provision of quality skilling by the training centres. Affiliation is a method for the Training Centres (TCs) to get formally associated with Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) in order to impart training to trainees for specific job roles aligned to NSQF. An affiliated TC has to follow the rules and regulations set by the respective SSCs that give the affiliation in order to maintain the Accreditation Standards. Affiliation can be granted to an Accredited as well as Conditionally Accredited Centre. A Conditionally Accredited Centre may apply for affiliation and get Conditional Affiliation. The validity of affiliation of a TC is for a year from the date of affiliation. 

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