NTTF student develops Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser to strengthen the fight against COVID-19


When the need for something becomes essential, we are bound to find ways of getting or achieving it. Necessity is really the mother of invention and humans have always excelled in turning a crisis into an opportunity. Here, we are talking about how Amal Varun Mathew from NTTF displayed rare creativity in applying his knowledge to innovate something that’s much -needed today!

Amal Mathew, a final year Mechatronics student from Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) turned this COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity by developing a low cost revolutionary automatic sanitizer dispenser to help the frontline workers fight the virus more effectively. When the entire nation is fighting with the pandemic, Amal’s revolutionary contribution will help the entire nation to a great extent.

Amal hails from Kattangal in Kozhikode and is currently pursuing his final year of Polytechnic in Mechatronics at Thalassery, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF). He aims to break the chain and to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. The world class training of NTTF helped him to bring a solution for his mother Dr Mary Joseph’s difficulties faced in Amala Rural Health Centre as a director of the center. 

The major highlight of the dispenser is that it comprises only four electronics components which costs just Rs 200. In addition, the device needs a box made of plywood, pipe and wire with a total cost of Rs 400 including labour charges.

NTTF studentThe equipment is sensor triggered and if one extends their hand in front of the sensor, the machine automatically dispenses the sanitizer onto the hand to avoid human touch. The invention gains momentum as washing hands using soap and sanitizer is recommended as one of the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The project is simple yet very effective. The equipment reduces the risk of virus spread as people can disinfect their hands without touching the dispenser.

Highlights of the Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser:Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

  • It is cost-effective as the overall cost of the project is about ₹400
  • The equipment is sensor triggered and automatically dispenses the sanitizer.
  • The flow of the sanitizer is controlled by a small valve attached to the tip of the pipe.
  • The sensor used is IR Proximity sensor.
  • The machine developed to bring a simple solution to the fight against COVID-19.

NTTF has always stressed on providing hands-on training with world-class knowledge delivery which is proved by their students in this time of need. Creating a product like this, which will cost just Rs 400 is a contribution to the country with the prowess of NTTFs 60-year legacy to provide best faculty and training to its students.

Amal, who has never thought of manufacturing the equipment in bulk, is receiving many inquiries from educational institutions, churches and shop owners for his invention. NTTF is going to receive 10 new machines from him to strengthen the fight against the pandemic. The automatic dispenser has already been installed in the Vigilance Special Cell, Thondayad and Kunnamangalam police station. 

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Amal’s invention will provide hope to many others in the years to come. This unique cost effective invention by Amal is going to strengthen the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The low cost of the machine makes it affordable to all. Team NSN wishes him all the best for his future endeavour. 

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