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Anna Rudra Singh, Sewing machine operator, Orion Edutech

Anna Rudra Singh belongs to a society where girls are still barred from attending schools. She was unable to complete her education after 7th standard. Following the footsteps of the society, her parents thought the best way to secure her future was to get her married. Her urge to study, to achieve stability in life got shattered in no time.

Orion Edutech_Anna_RudraLike most other families in India, theirs is a nuclear middle class family. Her husband, a small scaled businessman & her school going children- four of them complete the definition of a perfect, happy family. Even though her husband was a well-behaved & caring person, she was unable to tell him about her dreams & ambitions. They led a happy life- enough for themselves, but nothing extra for others. Both of them desired to build a better future for their children. They sacrificed their small day-to-day needs to save enough for them, but never succeeded.

One fine day, she heard about Orion Edutech and the free skill development training provided. To her surprise, her husband insisted and encouraged her to not only join the course but also for self-entrepreneurship. She got herself enrolled under the Sewing Machine Operator course. It was difficult for her to take care of her home, children and continue the course as well, but her husband helped her bridge the gap between households & the training. Finally, her hard work bore fruits & after 3 months of training, with the help of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana, she successfully started her own shop “New Joy Guru Dress House”. Now her business is running successfully & she is glad that she would be able to give her children a successful life & a bright career.  

She has also repaid her loan amount of 25,000/- & has applied for an amount of 1,60,000 for business expansion and 1,20,000 has been sanctioned for the same. She wants to thank Orion Edutech Guma, NSDC & Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana- as because of them, she successfully stands on her own feet as a proud entrepreneur today.

Debi Chakraborty, Sewing Machine Operator, Orion Edutech

Hailing from a marginalized family, she was unable to complete her further education. Her parents thought that Marriage investment would have been better than investing for her further education. Her life took a U-turn, converting her from a career conscious girl to a family oriented lady. She never shared her dreams with her husband because she never expected him to understand the same. Time passed and they lived as a happy family with their children. Her husband was the only earning member of the family and situations came when they had to sacrifice our children’s happiness for family necessities. She always wanted her children to study further & stand strong, and be independent in their own life.

Orion Edutech_Debi_ChakrabortyOne fine afternoon, through promotions via microphone, she heard about the free skill development training, job opportunities & self-employment career opportunities provided at Orion Edutech under the PMKVY scheme.  She visited the Orion Edutech centre and the counsellor explained her about the different skill enhancing trainings provided. She decided to move on with SMO course. It is very hard to be independent in this competitive market without qualified degrees & proper skills.  

After completing her training course, with the help of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana, she has been sanctioned a loan of 50,000 and has successfully opened her own tailoring shop “Loknath Tailoring & Varieties” with 10,000 as her net profit per month. She is highly obliged to Orion Edutech & Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana for giving her an opportunity to not only stand as an independent woman, but also to provide her children a better & secure future.

Ananta Boiragi, Graphics Operator, Orion Edutech

Ananta Boiragi has had a tough life. Life had never been merciful towards him. His father was a farmer & he had to quit his education after appearing for H.S to fill their stomachs. Day and night he wandered here & there for a job but remained empty-handed even after trying repeatedly.

Orion Edutech_Ananta BoiragiSociety is more bothered about your wedding more than you or your family. Some of his over caring relatives decided that it is high time and he should settle by then. He was shocked when they convinced his parents & even they supported the decision. He couldn’t think his life to be more miserable than that. Years passed by & he was a happy-unhappy man with his wife and his beloved twins.  It was his choice to bring them in this world and it was his responsibility to give them a beautiful life- the life they deserve.  One day, he met an old friend of his at their local tea stall. After hearing about the miseries of his life, he told him about Orion Edutech- the skill development courses provided & job at the end of the training. That very day he took him to the nearest centre. The counsellor gave me a proper explanation about the various job roles provided and also helped him to get enrolled under the FTCP course. It was three months training- where he was provided full knowledge about the course and the teachers also helped him improve his speaking skills & vocabulary.

Tears of joy rolled across his cheeks when he cracked his 1st interview at “News Live”. He wants his twins to be well renowned doctors. There is no age of learning & Orion Edutech has proved it. Now he earns well enough, 16,000 pm, not only to support his family, but also to save enough for his daughters’ future.

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