Trainers and trainees from PFAMES share their messages on Independence Day 2018


As we all are gearing up to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we launched a campaign to convey the importance of  independence and freedom through skills, knowledge and continuous learning. As a response to the campaign, here we share messages from PFAMES. Read on to see what they say.

Members from PFAMES talk about independence, freedom and empowerment through skills, knowledge and continuous learning

Wilson Thomas , Trainee , PFAMES“Freedom : What does it mean to possess freedom, and what’s the essence of living it? Approach it how you may, but the key to true freedom is self-reliance. And self-reliance can never exist without knowledge and skills. Asking questions; seeking new and different perspectives; exploring challenging options; learning the tried & tested approaches/measures from your predecessors. Learning new things, new skills , adding a different dimension to life. Once you start walking on this path and continue with perseverance, a moment comes when you become free, truly free. An explorer without boundaries. A person with… freedom.
Wilson D`souza , Trainee – Rotoscopy – PFAMES (Prime Focus Academy Of Media And

PFames Academy Independence Day

Rajnish Thakur - Trainer Paint , PFAMES“Skill and education helps progress, understand the goals , have a direction and move towards a certain objective in life . Better education opens the doors of opportunities and this is especially relevant in the times we live in where technology and education ensure that opportunities are not bound by Boundaries. Freedom to think and explore extremely important which can open limitless boundaries. The learning is immense and endless and one needs to move in that direction.”  Rajnish Kumar , Trainer – Paint, PFAMES (Prime Focus Academy Of Media And Entertainment)

“Knowledge becomes bondage When you think you know it all!
Desires become bondage When it distracts present to resolve!
Satisfaction becomes bondage For your skills to evolve!
Thoughts become your cage When mind doesn’t let you Control!
Freedom of self, Is to go beyond limits, And know the whole!
”  Ranjit Gosavi, Master Trainer , PFAMES (Digital Paint & Compositing) , PFAMES (Prime Focus Academy Of Media And Entertainment

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