How PMKVY helped Soumya in becoming a beautician


Our guest author, Shreya Srinath is an undergraduate student at State University of New York at Geneseo NY. Writing social impact stories is one of her passions and here she presents the success story of Soumya, who underwent training in Beauty and Haircare skills from HUL – LabourNet. Shreya is keenly observing and studying the skill development space by interacting with several beneficiaries of training in the unorganized industry sector in India.

Here’s Soumya’s story in the words of Shreya:

Last year, Soumya completed a Beauty & Hair Care course sponsored by LabourNet. Always interested in the field of beauty, Soumya was unable to attend such a course due to the cost and the limited course content. Thus, she resorted to observing the field from the sidelines.

“I was always interested in the field of Beautician but could not take any course to as the courses were highly expensive.” Soumya

Beauty skills LabourNet1

This changed when she heard of the course offered by PMKVY and LabourNet. she became more curious and decided to gather more information and finally decided to join the course. Excited and nervous at first, Soumya quickly bonded with her peers and trainers through the duration of the one month long course. In that month, she learned basic beauty techniques and services in the theoretical component of the course and was given the opportunity to practice her skills in the practical component. In addition to this, she often practiced her newly acquired beauty skills on her friends and family, attempting to perfect them as much as possible.

After completing the course, Soumya was visibly more self-assured and confident. Proud that she completed the course, she began to look for jobs as a beautician. While doing so, she approached LabourNet as well and was referred to Bhakti Parlor where she works as a manicurist and pedicurist, earning her own living through which she supports herself and her family.

She feels that PMKVY’s Beauty & Hair Care course positively impacted her life as it allowed her to formally enter the field she was always passionate about. Additionally, Soumya feels that the course also gave her the confidence to aspire towards a higher climb in the career ladder. Thus, she is excited to see what the field of beauty has in store for her.


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