Independence Day messages from QSEC, OGM Technical Institute


As we all are gearing up to celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, we launched a campaign to convey the importance of  independence and freedom through skills, knowledge and continuous learning. As a response to the campaign, here we share messages from QSEC, OGM Technical Institute, Jagdish and Suman Kumar Kapil  . Read on to see what they say.

Apurva Mukhejee QSEC“Skill is the ability to do a work efficiently. Our education system always had been knowledge centric and the drift towards the skill-based competency system is a new era of hope and growth for the youth and Nation. WTO (World Trade Organization) stated that if India works on the development of youth it’s going to increase the GDP by 3 points by 2035. The Skill India Mission starting Jul, 2015 has been a pathbreaking concept to work towards the freedom of women, transgenders, citizens from rural areas to take a step forward to self-dependence and self-worth.”
Apurva Mukherjee , Senior Trainer & Assesso
r – Queensland Skill & Education Consortium


OGMtechnicalinst“From training come skills, with skills comes employment and career growth, with employment comes freedom and independence both for workers and also for their families.
Promoting the development of skills delivers freedom and independence for all”  Peter Linford, CEO, OGM Technical Institute India Pte Ltd
Importance of Skills for Freedom :
  • Every skill will pay worth return to life.
  • Skills with Initiative – Nationality – Development – Intelligence – Accountability (INDIA) leads to freedom.
  • Independent skills to be exposed and trained with resources for freedom
  • Skills play vital role in freedom as individual or group skills leads towards mission and to achieve and succeed in the mission skills play crucial game.
Jagdish UTL TechnologiesINDEPENDENCE :
Independence itself says we are Independent (FREEDOM) – Every individual is free to live his life on his own after independence and that is given to us from our freedom fighters to be independent with out anyone’s rule over. Lets join hands together in remembrance of all those passed freedom fighters and our present fighters in ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE everyone who all are contributing towards the development of INDIA with government and Non government bodies on initiatives of Skilling India towards development. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous INDEPENDENCE DAY 2018.
Jagdish, Senior Placement Officer, UTL Technologies Ltd Bangalore.

Suman Kumar Kapil“It is true that if anyone has any talent or art, then they will never starve. Whether people are educated or illiterate Unemployment is on the rise. I am sharing my personal experience with you. I was a Vocational trainer for 2.5 years in schools, to make the children ready for their coming life. They were taught the art of living life and guided on things like morale, self-confidence, positive thinking, inspiration, and the goal to achieve. One thing I learned was that every child is a talented, just needs to be recognised. I got the Best Teacher Award, I was not given 6 months salary and had to leave school. I sat at home and started working as a daily wager. I thought this is how life is going to be but like they say if you have any talent then sooner or later it will come in use.
Now I get calls from the schools for guest lectures to teach communication skills and personality development to children in schools and colleges for their all round development. My skills have given me financial freedom today.” Suman Kumar Kapil, Himachal Pradesh


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