Quest 2 Learn Annual Summit 2017: 2 – 3 June, NIAS, Bengaluru


Quest Alliance is organizing Quest 2 Learn, a 2-day Annual Summit on 2rd and 3rd June 2017 at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru. The focus of the conference is to deliberate on issues related to Education and Skills and address the ways the divide can be narrowed by integrating opportunities to learn, earn and grow. This is a must-attend event for all the stakeholders in the skill development, vocational training, education and CSR space in India who are striving for a creating a positive impact through better employability and sustainable livelihoods.

Today, the young wade through an Education sector that promotes learning without meaning and application, and focuses disproportionately on rote-based cognitive skills, and an Employability sector that believes in skilling for jobs, but does not prepare you to succeed in life. Both the Education sector and the Employability sector in India have seen massive expansion, but quality of delivery has been systematically ignored in pursuit of lesser aims. With a fast evolving economic context, investments in either Education or Employability sectors still leave majority of our students parched and wanting more.

Quest 2 Learn 2017The Quest 2 Learn 2017 Summit aims to explore how can we re-think these two sectors (Education and Skills), to offer our young learners an enhanced, meaningful and integrated experience that helps them find meaning and purpose.

This event is dedicated at striking a balancing note and begin to tip the scales for a new change. We currently have a school education sector that prepares you for a meritocratic higher education structure through the rote based cognitive mastery route. The purpose of higher education is even more at crossroads as it purportedly is the gateway to gainful employment, but errs by following the same principle of cognitive achievement as its core principle. The achievement of non-cognitive skills is meekly surrendered as a given consequence of years of diligent subservience to a meritocratic cognitive achievement race. Conference

Registration and detailed program

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Objectives of the conference

1. Understand the grave challenges of pursuing only cognitive learning in our education journeys – in schools, in vocational institutions and in higher education institutions.

2. Explore new learning methodologies and platforms that consciously develop all round (cognitive and non-cognitive) skills and capabilities.

3. Build a broad-based partnership with organizations, teachers, trainers and the industry to shift the paradigm and purposefully focus on non-cognitive skills for success.

4. Understand, research and build evidence of the relevance of non-cognitive skills and capabilities.

Who should attend:

  • Educators
  • Leading practitioners in youth skilling / vocational trainers
  • Design thinkers
  • Educational technologists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CSR Professionals

A quick recap of Quest 2 Learn 2016

In 2016 Quest 2 Learn Summit, the participants engaged with the question – “What attributes and skills are necessary for young people to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century?”.  235 attendees from 8 states explored ideas, perspectives and skills that would allow us to rethink what education and employability sector offers our young learners and how can it be enhanced meaningfully to help them find meaning and purpose.   At Quest Alliance, this is the question that drives us and gives us purpose.

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