Re-imagining lives in the new normal powered by DeepTech


Let’s face it. The post pandemic world is going to change drastically. The new normal in a world healed from a pandemic would be highly disrupted by DeepTech. From being a competitor to a companion, technology has made its way deep in our lives. DeepTech, which was once a luxury has now become a necessity. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, social distancing being the new normal, we would be minimizing the close proximity and person to person interaction. As necessity is the mother of invention, the situation that arises due to the pandemic has forced the entire world to shift its focus to the use of technology. The implementation of DeepTech has become the need of the hour. Whether it is education, healthcare or food for that matter, the intervention of technologies like AI/ML, Robotics, IoT and Blockchain has become necessary. 

DeepTech applications in the new normal

While most of the businesses are suffering, the urge to revive their business is leading to a high demand for new-age technologies. This would definitely boost the use of DeepTech in our day-to-day lives. 

Re-imagining livesThe use of DeepTech solutions has made work-from-home, distance learning, home-based fitness, and remote healthcare possible and will continue to do so even in the new normal of the post pandemic world. 

  • Healthcare is being revolutionized with the intervention of DeepTech. The use of technology has enhanced the efficiency of Healthcare professionals making healthcare more personalized and precise. The grape surgery video which went viral made us realize that Robotics in healthcare is a real phenomenon and it can do wonders if leveraged thoughtfully. In the new normal where human touch and close proximity person to person interaction would be dreadful, leveraging DeepTech would be the only way out.
  • While many of us are working-from-home, it is the technologies like VPNs, cloud technologies, and face recognition technologies have made work-from-home a glitch free experience. Just like work-from-home, distance learning has been made possible by the intervention of technologies like EdTech.
  • Fintech will change the way we do our banking. Use of Google Pay, Phone Pay is not new to anyone. However, there was a surge in the use of these applications because of the pandemic. These UPIs are one of the greatest contributions of India to global technologies in the last 10 years. Through the unique payment address, now it has become easier for us to send and receive money. These UPIs have made our baking experience easier and faster and will continue to do so even in the new normal.
  • Have you heard about Food Computing or the Internet of Foods? These are the future of agriculture and food production. The world is worried regarding the food supply in the future due to climate changes and other critical factors that are affecting food production. These issues can be answered with the help of technology. It is now possible to create a favourable climate for our food to grow with the help of food computing. 
  • The more we use technology, the more we are prone to data breach and other cyber threats, which makes Cybersecurity an integral part of our day to day lives. Now companies and businesses will start investing in Cybersecurity, privacy and data localization and it is expected to create my job related opportunities in the near future.

 Skills and career in the DeepTech powered new normal

The entire world is going to witness a paradigm shift in the use of DeepTech in our day-to-day lives. It will create immense opportunities for people aspiring to build a career in this domain. While the demand for skilled DeepTech professionals will be really high, the skill gap should be addressed to meet the demand. 

Technology keeps evolving rapidly, we need to upskill and reskill ourselves to stay relevant. Learning new programming languages that are in-demand like Python, R, SQL, Java would be necessary if you are looking to build a career. Along with programming languages, a good knowledge in Machine learning and deep learning is also required. 

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There are courses available online which would help you acquire the right skill set along with getting a certification. The courses are specially designed to build you DeepTech expertise. You just need to choose the right course that meets your requirements and get started.

DeepTech is disrupting the entire world, and it is going to be the new normal in the post pandemic world. The question is, how prepared are you for a life powered by DeepTech? 

Author: Purvi Shah | Senior Director | Talent Sprint | For more information please visit:

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