Revisit guru shishya learning culture through Vidyadaan


Have you always been interested in Journalism and wanted to write some interesting stories? Or has cinematic experience excited you every time and you wanted to learn behind-the-scene techniques of some popular movies? What if we told you that now you can learn these courses and many more from the experts from across India and the world at your fingertips and at your own comfort? Read further to learn how Vidyadaan can help you!

Vidyadaan, the technology-enabled learning initiative from Mr. Subhash Ghai, Chairman, Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) aims at reviving and restoring the glory of guru-shishya tradition of learning through latest virtual learning environment.

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Vidyadaan – empowering youth through technology-enabled learning in 5 different ways

  1. It saves time and money – students can learn from any place of their choice and do not have to travel long distances to attend the classes
  2. You are your own master – you are in control of what you want to learn and how you want to navigate through the course outline
  3. Helps in better retention – e-learning portals are more interactive and are delivered through bite-sized content this helps in better retention of the content
  4. Access to updated content – unlike traditional classroom lectures, Vidyadaan helps the students have access to updated content and latest happenings in the domain
  5. Can listen to the lecture any number of times – Vidyadaan gives access to the students to listen to the lecture any number of times. It is available 24*7 on the platform, and one can always go back to it.

revisit_guru_shishya_learning_culture_through_vidyadaanEmpowering younger generations through technology-enabled learning

Vidyadaan portal is a three-pronged approach, one for students or shishya, second for teachers/experts or gurus, and thirdly for institutions or Gurukuls. If you are a student of a particular course, we understand that technology is advancing and the scope of knowledge is ever expanding. This calls for a continuous learning process. Vidyadaan is a technology-enabled programme which helps students, homemakers, school-dropouts or anyone who is interested and willing to study, to learn from anywhere and everywhere. The courses are run in the form of webinars, where registered students can watch the videos at one’s own convenience.

Teaching is the best way to learn

If you are an expert in a subject, you can register in Vidyadaan portal as a guru and share your knowledge with thousands of students. One need not necessarily be a teacher to register as a guru. You can be an army veteran or an ex-Air Force personnel who is an expert in their own domain. It is not just the knowledge that a guru shares on the portal but also the life changing experiences, stress relieving sessions for the people in need, counselling sessions on mental or physical health, sessions on grooming and personality development. These experiences will prepare the younger generations to face various challenges, become better at what they are doing, and motivate them to be better human beings.

Teaching is the best way to learn. And Vidyadaan is set to create history in the field of education by designing a journey of a student to become a certified professional, who in turn can teach other students. In this journey, institutions can also take part as gurukuls, and provide basic necessities like classroom space, study materials or even the trainers. It can be a private or government college or university, or a school, gurukul will help us in bringing back the age-old tradition of guru-shishya culture.

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