Art Exhibition at Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad


Summer vacation is the ideal time for children to hone their skills and develop their hobbies. Spend time with your kids to know what interests them most and how you could support them in nurturing their talent. What if they are interest in art and drawing? Encourage them to learn on their own or seek the help of a art teacher. You could motivate them by taking them to art exhibitions in your town or city. If you are in Hyderabad, do visit the Art Exhibition at Sancta Maria International School that is displaying the paintings of their students till 23rd April, 2016. The students have spent time with artists from different parts of India to learn various Indian styles.Sancta Maria School Hyderabad - Art festivalSancta Maria International School, Serilingampally, Hyderabad organized The Art Festival 2015-16 in their school premises. The idea was to expose the students to the rich cultural heritage of our country and to support the artists across India.

Students across classes worked for two days with Madhubani artist from Bihar, Indian Miniature Painting artists from Rajasthan, Kalamkari artists from Andhra Pradesh, Leather Puppet and Cheriyal Painting from Telangana.

The annual Art Exhibition inaugurated on the 9th of April , 2016 displayed the student’s art works. The exhibition will be open up to 23rd of April, 2016.


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