Sarthak Educational Trust celebrates magnificent achievements of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)


Sarthak Educational Trust organised an event on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on 3rd December 2019, to celebrate the exceptional efforts and achievements of their students. Our team was invited to visit their Hyderabad centre on the occasion. We went there with an aim to motivate the differently abled students and to be a part of their celebration. However, it was their inspiring journey and the euphoria of their face that motivated us for life.

The crucial aim of celebrating this event was to increase the awareness and to empower persons with disabilities (PwDs) through skills and jobs. Every year the day is celebrated with a theme, and the theme for 2019 was “promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 development agenda”.

The theme clearly marks the 2030 sustainable development agenda of “leave no one behind” by empowering people with disabilities. So the event organised by Sarthak called for removing the obstacles that stand in the way of the progress of differently abled persons. The day was observed with the help of volunteers and other well-wishers.

A walk through the event celebration:

The event was hosted by the faculties of Sarthak Educational Centre, Hyderabad, where nearly 50 students and alumni were present. Our founder, Dr Madhuri Dubey, addressed the students and make them aware about the importance of skilling and continuous learning. She said, “Skilling is a continuous process and we have to take responsibility for our skilling”. She rightly emphasized on the fact that how we all are disabled in some way or the other and it’s not just the differently abled persons. She also said that it is high time the society should be inclusive and PwD candidates should get equal opportunities as per their skills.

Points that need immediate attention:

  • PwD student’s anxiety of getting a software jobs
  • The lack of awareness about other job sectors
  • The lack of awareness from the employers sideLack of awareness about the importance of continuous learning and skilling
  • Queries about not having an entire company just for PwDs

The students and alumni were asked to share their experiences. All the alumni are working in reputed corporate giants like Reliance Trends, Wipro, TCS and Amazon with good salary. Above all they seemed genuinely happy with their jobs and the way their life turned out to be after the training in Sarthak Educational Trust. The students are getting trained in various skills like soft skills, life skills, basic computer skills and programming languages. The trainees who are currently undergoing the training, also shared their experience in Sarthak and aspiration for the future. Most of them are aspiring to work in software companies.

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With a vision to empower persons with disabilities, enabling them to live their lives with dignity, Sarthak Educational Trust has opened its centres in different cities and continues to work for the betterment of differently abled persons.

Sarthak Educational Trust_Hyderabad_International day of Persons with DisabilitiesThe event ended with the distribution of training completion certificates to acknowledge the successful completion of their training, where about 10 students received the certificates of completion.

The experience of the event will forever stay in our memory as an important lesson learnt. The event made us contemplate about the obstacles that are still there and are affecting persons with disabilities. And it is needless to say that these problems require everyone’s immediate attention. The anxiety of getting a job in a software company, the missing awareness about the jobs that are present in other sectors or the missing awareness from the employer side, all these are making them think twice before taking any life decision. For the differently abled persons to be truly independent, all their fears and doubts should be addressed immediately.

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