Schools and their role in skills training


Success story from Radhika Itha, an Advocate by profession and presently busy with her two kids. She shares her views on schools and their role in skills training in an interesting first person account.

I am blessed with two kids. My daughter, Snigdha is 12 years old and my son, Suhas is 10 years old. Studying in a school where good emphasis is laid on skills and co-curricular activities, my daughter has shown interest in arts and crafts and singing and my son seems to be quite fond of sports.

With enough stress laid on social and communication skills, I believe my kids can get along with members of their age group. Both of them consider their dad to be a role model, and they wish to be like him when they grow up.

We understand their interests and skills and are quite ready to guide them in their careers, we may not control their choices in higher education and would respect their strengths and choices, but however, as parents we shall surely tell them the good and bad that lies in everything.

I think both my kids possess good life skills and can express their views and opinions well. Just like every other child in this age, my kids are quite tech savvy. I can happily say, both my kids have leadership and excellent communication skills.

Interestingly, my son seems to have a futuristic idea on why we will not be writing on papers in the coming years. He thinks by the time he grows up, computers and tablets are going to substitute all materials of communication.

It is absolutely true that skills play a major role in today’s scenario and it is also important that all educational institutions comprehend the need to give their students skill based training.


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