Security Skills and Leadership Summit 2016 – A Report


 Highlights from the other sessions

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can change the face of the industry and make if organized and professional by meeting global standards in training
  • Industry should tie up with SSSDC for Certification through RPL that includes domain, platform and soft skills training. The incentive for RPL wherein the individual is paid Rs.500, the PIA or training partner along with SSSDC is paid Rs.1400 and the Assessment agency gets Rs.600 for each candidate.
  • 15 day reorientation training will be conducted to inform the candidates about what the industry is looking for.all presently employed security personnel, including ex-servicemen are eligible for RPL. SSSDC will mobilise the prospective army retirees and other candidates and
  • For recruiting the trainers, those of 60 % in the tests and assessments would be eligible for probationary trainers and those with 80% and above score would take up the role of trainers. Rest of them will get domain certificate to be employed as unarmed security guard
  • The challenge is to motivate the youth and mobilise them from rural areas by providing better amenities in the cities where the jobs are available
  • Issues that need to be addressed while managing a training center, particularly while complying with the guidelines for PMKVY2
  • The challenge of attrition in training and post-employment scenario should be tackled with innovative schemes and incentives and investment in quality
  • Need for decentralized communication mechanism for sharing information on training so that private agencies are familiar with rules and the controlling authorities ensure that the rules are followed
  • Compliance with NSQF and RPL for career progression and economic sustainability by following all the five steps
  • Online and mobile learning intervention for better supplemental training and productivity enhancement
  • Cyber security laws and rules that need to be applied for security systems and the training curriculum
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