“Celebration of Success” event organized by ServiceNow and Telangana Academy of Skill and Knowledge (TASK)


ServiceNow listed as #1 in Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2018 has organized a “Celebration of success” event on February 6th 2019 in association with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK).The event showcased the success of the pilot phase of the company’s ServiceNow Academic Partner Program (SNAPP-Dev) which provided industry-oriented training to students from different colleges. The program recognized 160+ students who have completed the training and are being placed in top IT companies.

The dignitaries present for the event were Mr.Sujiv Nair, CEO-TASK, Mr.Prabodh Saha-Director, Cloud Infra Development-ServiceNow, Mr.Bhaskar-Director-Corporate Relations,Mr.Nitin Hase, Senior Director, ServiceNow, Mr.Jayesh Ranjan-Principal Secretary ,Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT), Mr.Saroj. All the employees, students and other officials were also present.

ServiceNow TASK trainingThe event started with an inaugural speech by Mr.Saroj who gave a glimpse of the training program and its journey. Later, Mr.Prabodh Saha presented a roadmap of ServiceNow Academic Partner Program and the company’s vision. He said, “ServiceNow Academic Partner Program is aimed at preparing students job-market ready with the right kind of industry-oriented training. Our programme is designed like that. The association with TASK has helped us reach out to many students”.

Mr.Sujiv Nair said “TASK is all about skilling. We are glad to associate with ServiceNow for providing an industry-relevant training program that aims at enhancing the technological, personal and organisational skills of the students.”

Mr.Jayesh Ranjan said, ”I am very glad to know that 160+ students have successfully completed the training. I am very elated at the success of this program. Our education system is unfortunately is not agile. The trainings, students get from colleges doesn’t prepare them completely to work in an industry. Companies have to give additional trainings to new recruits to make them efficient. ServiceNow Academic Partner Program prepares students to meet the industry gap through all the practical trainings. I feel very confident that with the right kind of training and motivation, our students can excel.”

During the event, two students shared their experience with the ServiceNow program. Ms. Sravani, a B.Tech student from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology said, “ServiceNow programme was effective in developing my skills. About 60 students from my college cleared the screening test to attend the program. We were able to undergo an industry-oriented program. The training was so relevant that I got cleared in 5 job interviews conducted by the top most IT companies. Even though, I was tensed during the interviews, ServiceNow’s training program helped me a lot.I am really thankful to all the faculty members, TASK officials and ServiceNow for giving me an opportunity like this.”

Mr.Krishna Sai, another B.Tech student from CVR College of Engineering also shared a similar experience. He said,”I was pretty excited about ServiceNow’s training program because it is Forbe’s #1 World’s Most Innovative Companies. The training happened in our college. We had to stay from morning 9 to 6 all days including Sunday. 39 students from our college attended the program and all of them got cleared. I got shortlisted in 2 job-interviews in a job fair and I am waiting for the offer letters”

The event ended with the recognition of students, faculty members and officials who have played a major role in the completion of the program.

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