Shoppers Stop and Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad, celebrate Retail Employees’ Day


Gratitude, appreciation and fun marked the celebration of Retail Employees’ Day 2019 at Shoppers Stop and Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad.

Shoppers_stop_hr_team_with_retail_employeesHow often do we acknowledge the efforts of retail employees in making our shopping experience pleasurable ? 12th December is a special day to say a wholehearted ‘thank you’ for recognizing their contribution towards customer engagement and customer satisfaction. The credit for this landmark initiative  goes to Mr. B. S. Nagesh Founder, TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India) and Chairman, Shoppers Stop. Since 2011, TRRAIN has been working towards improving the lives of retail workforce through interventions focused on social and digital inclusion, instilling respect and pride for the profession.

Today, the Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most coveted employers in the organized sector. Also, many in the unorganized sector depend on this industry for their livelihoods. While many jobs in this sector are aspirational for the youth, their satisfaction matters most for long term retention and career growth. Over the years, Retail Employees’ Day has been celebrated with great fervour across retail stores and local retailers by spreading the message of gratitude and appreciation towards the employees.

NSN team_at_shoppers_stopOn the occasion of Retail Employees’ Day 2019, our team visited Shoppers Stop, Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. We also got an opportunity to be a part of the celebration organized for the employees of the mall by the Management of Inorbit Mall.

A prominently placed selfie spot at the entrance of Shoppers Stop added to the festive mood by ensuring the shoppers don’t miss the significance of the day. We spoke to the HR leadership and other staff members to learn about how the day was being made special for the retail employees. Emphasising on the importance of day, Mr. Vekatesh Raja, Chief Human Resource Officer, Shoppers Stop, said, “Shoppers Stop has been celebrating the day for many years and now we have other retailers joining the initiative. On this day, we want to appreciate our employees for their dedicated service and commitment. They are here irrespective of weekends, holidays and festivals to provide best customer service, and this definitely needs appreciation.”

Shoppers Stop and Inorbit Mall Hyderabad celebrate Retail Employees’ Day

Mr Venkatesh Raja and Mr Aniruddha Mahajan with the employees of Shoppers Stop Hyderabad

Expressing his profound gratitude Mr. Aniruddha Mahajan, AVP Human Resources, Shoppers Stop said, “we are filled with a sense of pride because Shoppers Stop has participated this initiative right from the beginning and our Chairman BS Nagesh pioneering idea has caught on in India and beyond ! Sharing his happiness, he emphasised, “Retail Employees Day has taken a huge momentum across many countries. We strongly believe that it is an important day and Shoppers Stop Leadership Team and the HR team and goes across the stores to thank employees for their untiring contribution. Most of the retailers in India have joined this momentum and this has now grown multi-fold, to millions of retail employees, even to retail International Retailers outside the country.”

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A glimpse of the Retail Employees Day celebration at Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad

Retail Employees Day at Inorbit Mall HyderabadThe event was organized at Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad and the Management team lined up fun and games for the employees. The event started with a welcome note by Mr Sharat Belvadi, Regional Manager, Inorbit Mall. He thanked all the employees for their hard work and encouraged them to be a part of the celebration. The event was anchored by Ms Sindhu Hegde, Retail Relationship Executive, Inorbit Mall. The employees showcased their unique talent through singing, beatboxing and they enjoyed the indoor games. The talented employee and winners of various games were given prizes and gift hampers. The management team members spent quality time with the employees and the happiness was appreciable among the employees.

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