Siemens launches ‘Sitrain access’: A new digital learning platform for industry


Siemens Limited is going to expand its Sitrain Digital Industry Academy portfolio to include new digital learning offering – ‘Sitrain access’. Sitrain access is the digital learning platform for industry. It facilitates digital, innovative learning and professional education in all sectors.

The platform is online, flexible, continuous, and personalized. The knowledge offerings are curated by Siemens experts, arranged in modular form, and can be accessed to suit the requirements of the industry.


  • Siemens is expanding its Sitrain Digital Industry Academy offer to include the new digital learning offer ‘Sitrain access’.
  • The digital learning platform for online training supports learners at any time and in any location. Various courses are delivered via web-based training, tutorial videos, blended learning and practical exercises.
  • When combined with the methodical use of multimedia, tests and interaction with other participants and Sitrain experts, it ensures an optimum learning outcome.

Bhaskar Mandal, Head of Digital Industries, Siemens Limited, said, “In a world that is witnessing fast-paced change, the most important skill is agility aided by technology. With ‘Sitrain access’, corporates can give their employees the necessary edge enabling them to take advantage of opportunities created by Industry 4.0. Online and digital content would be needed for reskilling at all levels, giving a boost to the mindset and culture of continuous learning.”

SiemensThe new offering provides state-of-the-art access to digital training for individual study apart from the added convenience of online booking. It is aimed at corporates and their employees, technical institutions and their students to support needs to upskill and stay up-to-date with ever-growing qualification requirements. In addition to web-based training and video tutorials, for example, users can contact other learners or the Sitrain experts directly.

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A significant advantage of this offer, alongside the numerous courses on a wide range of topics, is that learners can take part at any time and in any location. This innovative training solution can be used to build and extend knowledge and is designed to complement face-to-face training events.

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