Simplify certificate verification and avoid hiring hiccups


More often than not, recruiters face two key challenges:

  1. The volume of CVs they need to sift to find good candidates.
  2. Not finding enough qualified candidates.

Research published by CareerBuilder, before the COVID-19 pandemic, says 74% of companies who hired the wrong person lost an average of $14,900 each time. Now, more than ever, organizations cannot afford the costs of hiring the wrong person.

To avoid this problem, recruiters are creating an adaptable workforce. Hiring skilled workers who can continuously learn and uphold an organisation’s work culture. They also expect new joiners to make effective contributions from the start.

Now, among the challenges that recruiters have to deal with, the last thing they need is misrepresented candidate credentials.

Misrepresented candidate credentials costs millions

Misrepresentation varies from certificate fraud and fake identities to fabricated achievements that never happened. Nearly 50% of candidates manipulate their job application credentials. It might seem to be nothing more than a little white lie, but the fact is that fraud can cost companies millions.

Professionals with falsified data face a ‘catch me if you can’ type of scenario, as they make their way from one profession or institute to another. Luckily, organisations can now stretch fight back, thanks to blockchain.

Simplify certificate verification and avoid hiring hiccupsLet’s end counterfeit certificates

When a digital certificate or a credential is issued on blockchain, it is immutable – it cannot be changed or faked. A digital certificate holds unalterable links between a candidate’s achievement and the institute.

Furthermore, the institute issuing the certificate can customise it to show the level of skills, productivity and knowledge achieved.

The data stored in the certificate is secure, traceable and fraud-proof.

How digital certificates are traceable

Blockchain tracks and shows every change made to a digital certificate. Institutes can issue digital certificates and rest assured that their student data and certificates are secure. If anyone presents a modified certificate then it will fail verification.

Digital certificates can be verified by clicking on the links or scanning the QR code, without having to approach the issuing institute or certification body.

Certif-ID lets organisations issue digital certificates on blockchain technology.

Leading organisations now using Certif-ID to issue digital certificates and verify candidate profiles include:

  • Q2 HR Solutions
  • German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI)
  • Festo

Meeting the need for speedy background and credential verification

In keeping with restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, organisations are going digital and adopting new tools to streamline recruitment processes. Many higher education institutes, training companies and recruiters are issuing candidates with digital certificates placed on blockchain technology.

Digital certificates make it easier for recruiters to assess a candidate before calling them in for an interview. Furthermore, it reduces the cost and time involved in issuing, tracking and verification of a candidate.

Skill Pass: Next level of resumes

Skill Pass is a next-gen tool brought to you by Certif-ID. It is a secure digital portfolio of education and qualification details. Instead of applying to jobs with a regular resume, sending a Skill Pass will better position candidates for jobs.

Using the Skill Pass professionals can create a Video CV, showcase their personality and stand out. Candidates can create a Europass CV, a recognised format for displaying skills and qualifications – accepted in over 30 countries. Additionally, through the Skill Pass candidates can track their learning and define their career path.

Recruiters with access to a Skill Pass can view and validate it instantly. All in all, leveraging Certif-ID is an effective way for institutes and recruiters to issue and verify digital certificates.

What can you do to play a significant part in building the future workforce?

Simplify your certification process and make candidate credential verification easy.

Feel free to book a demo with our experts. If you have any questions, please write to us here.

Author: Tim Miller | Co-Founder and Managing Director | Certif-ID

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