Be Skilled Be Relevant Contest: 10 Best Entries


On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day 2017 and 2 years of Skill India Mission, National Skills Network – NSN, conducted a contest to create awareness about the need for skill development. The contest entitled “Be Skilled, Be Relevant” got overwhelming response and our participants represented various training companies, academic institutions, government and the industry.

Our panel of judges* went through all the entries with utmost care and selected the best ones that interpreted the theme very well. We are pleased to share the results of the contest and here are the 10 best entries from different parts of India. Names of the participants are listed on alphabetical order. Congratulations to all the participants ; those who could not make it to this list, our best wishes for the next opportunity. (This article has multiple pages; click the page numbers at the bottom)

skill contest 10 Best entriesAbhay Panchal, IL&FS OKHLA Phase I, Batch-GST

Knowledge is not skill, knowledge plus meditative practice is skill – Chanakya

Abhay PanchalIn the modern era of science, technology and precise human dexterity. Mere knowledge and enthusiasm does not suffice. The current times cater to a more than the basic need and demand, it now delves into the science of the ‘CUSTOMISED DETAIL’, we now call- SKILL.

The present day human, a dropout from the school of evolution, is now evolving its surroundings by attempting to master the art of expert and relevant skill. This is the modern day mantra for success. With the current government nurturing and promoting the growth of the country’s skill and economy, with attempts being made to enable us with new and precise skill, we the youth bear the responsibility to not only imbibe the best but also to ensure the resonance of this new day and new light that has now dawned upon us.

Lord Krishna, in Bhagwat talks about, ‘BHAGWAT-ACHARANA’ which roughly translates into, making ones doing ones lifestyle and not just limiting the action to its limit of being just a profession. With the growth in our capacity to cater and to match the growth of the world’s economies, we not only need to burn midnight oil but to transform what we do into our lifestyle.

The ability and the zest to tread beyond the ordinary is what makes us different and raises the bar to new heights.For example, IL&FS is an institution which promotes education and employment opportunities for the unemployed students like us by providing us skillful training. Another words for this topic the person who are very well skilled could get a perfect job .

The person who are very well skilled could get a perfect job and most of the companies could be attracted towards him/her like a magnet for example- if a person is relevant in I.T sector he/she have a huge scope and demand in it. Admittedly every job Is composed is various task and  responsibilities. To overcome these task the person should be very well skilled and relevant without relevancy the person should not be called skilled for example, GST is a new concept of taxation if a CA or an Accountant is not upgraded by GST Concept is not at all skilled but a person who have collected himself/herself with GST Concept and taxation he would be called skilled.

More and more job roles are requiring formal training and qualifications either because of legislative requirements or to meet the requirement of specific employers .developing your skills through further training provides significant benefits, for example, Increase employment opportunities.

Without training provides employments opportunities . today , even entry level roles in many industries requires base level qualifications by completing a training course, your employment opportunities become wide.

Ankita Auddy – Sr. Sales Executive, The Premier Inn, Pune, placed by Orion Edutech

Ankita AuddyIndia is a youthful nation where 28 million people are added every year so to be in the race of developed countries the government and administration needs to focus on the youth to become self dependent and skilled.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere  : Chinese proverb.

Education makes a difference but skill education /training is also mandatory to be self independent. For fulfilling this need skill-based training programs have been introduced in India.

Skill Development Ministry focuses on the youth as they are the future of India. “Be Skilled, Be relevant” is the moto that says it all. A skilled person is the person who have relevance in the conserned industry. Besides Education Skill training is also compulsory. Skill training is the special knowledge or techniques that a person should have, to work efficiently.

The ideology is that a skilled person is relevant in the industry as every second person is educated but only the person who have skills for working in the industry grows better and stays strong in the field or industry. Not every person becomes a “master of the ring” you got to have something special in you to be there. So to be relevant in the industry some important skill development programs are going on. One of them is “The Skill India Mission” known as the “Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)” which focuses on training the youth. In PMKVY Courses like, Hospitality (QSR), Retail, Welding, Electrician, General Duty Assistant, BPO etc. are available which give important Skills to the youth of age group 18 years to 35 years by which the new age people can be a part of the Nation’s Economy and can be a “Kaushal Person” as “Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat”.

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