How focus on skills can bring dignity of labour


For Shiva Teja, a virtual design construction coordinator, settled in the United States of America, the advancements in technology, easy and convenient procedures and the interesting projects is what that motivated him to study abroad. After completing his Engineering in SRM, Chennai he moved to the US for higher studies and he feels that the focus on practical exposure and the freedom of studying what you wish to is what makes the stay pleasant and comfortable. He recalls, “Unlike in India, if a student wishes to change his or her course in the middle of a year, then they are given the freedom to do so. No individual is forced into anything and the emphasis on skills is phenomenal.” Shiva clearly emphasises the skill job connect for a successful career.

Shiva Devanaboyina

“People in the US, look for skills and just skills while hiring, there is not really much focus on marks and grades. The concept of dignity of labor is extremely relevant in the US and the freedom for any employee to talk or interact to the highest member of the organization was thrilling. Also, I was amused by the supportive and cognitive environment that their universities and workplaces provide. ” Shiva Teja

Initially, though it wasn’t a very easy change to embrace, he proudly reveals that it didn’t take him more than 2 months to accept to the new way of social and cultural life. He feels that act of appreciation and the attitude of being an extremely good listener paid off. He recalls that the social and communication skills he developed in his primary and high school played a major role, because he understood that relationships there were built through positive and impactful social behavior and communication.

Shiva Teja also strongly feels that having a strong skill set is what is required the most. “People in the US, look for skills and just skills while hiring, there is not really much focus on marks and grades”. They believe that people have to take up jobs that they love to do, not what they are forced into. In the US, a chef is treated as a very respectable profession, but unfortunately in India it is seen as a down market.

He believes that his decision to study and work abroad changed his life as he is more open to opportunities and ready to embrace change as it comes. For him, the US is his land of opportunities and experiences.

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