Skillsonics Apprentice Success Story


inverted-commaI’m from Shivamogga District, Karnataka State, India, where I live with my mother and younger brother. I train as a Multi Skilled Production Technician. My biggest challenge has been to adjust to the factory workplace because I haven’t had any exposure to an industrial environment.

Skillsonics apprentice success story

Sagaya Mary, 24 years, Trainee, Buhler India Private Limited

Name of the course – MSPT (Multi Skilled Production Technician)

Communicating in English and time management were the next challenges. Hard work, dedication and soft skill training offered by the company have helped me to deal with these difficulties. I try to make a presentation every day at our morning session.

skillsonics_trainee_sagaya_maryThe VET curriculum is different from our ITI curriculum; it’s a lot more hands-on and practical. This was difficult for me at first, but the workplace instructor has helped me to build my skills in this area.

I am about to complete my training and will hopefully get a job at Buhler. I’ve done a few projects that could be useful for their training centre and manufacturing. If I get the chance to work at Buhler I will do my best for the company. I want to get work inverted-commaexperience in a company for few years. Later I’d like to become a domain expert and train the next generation.

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