SkillSonics CONNECT- International Peers Digital Learning and Exchange


Driven by the principle that the capacity to collaborate in a digitally connected world and international exposure are prerequisites for today’s work environment, SkillSonics CONNECT runs international peers’ digital learning and exchange, digital training, and teamwork programs since 2018. Due to the fact, that the participation requires no physical presence, the program was continued and expanded during the COVID19 crisis.

The SkillSonics CONNECT NETWORK for trainers, teachers, and experts was initiated to better the digital training programs, strengthen the international network, and improve the training methods. It has the primary aim of sharing the professional experience with international colleagues.

International Peers Digital Learning and Exchange

I personally found the sharing of knowledge about the same technology and techniques very interesting and helpful, to get better in our own training methods. Initially, I felt the language barrier due to different accents, but later got used to it – Nawaz Sharief, Trainer CNC Machining, Hosur

Trainers join the SkillSonics CONNECT network to actively participate in discussions and share their professional experience, with a focus on professions related to mechanics, electrics, automation, and welding. In April 2020 exchanges between Swiss trainer Rodrigue Shimuna (Centre de formation professionelle Berne francophone CEFF) and SkillSonics Trainers from India covered topics such as CNC Machining, 3D view, and Limit Fit Tolerance.

To get to know different digital platforms and methods to improve interaction in distance training is highly interesting for me. The only disadvantage is that I am facing sometimes difficulties to participate due to poor internet connectivity in my village – Abhijith Raj, Trainer Welding, Kerala

SkillSonic CONNECT - International peers digital learningBesides the digital exchange between trainers, also digital tuitions by advanced Swiss apprentices to their peers in India are organized. The exchange provides them with insight into the global world of work, expertise, and skills in digital learning, communication, and English-language. During these international exchanges apprentices were confronted with new settings and situations, different perspectives, and ways of solving problems, which increase their understanding and flexibility in the face of new situations. The institutes, on the other hand, promoted their international recognition and improved their attractiveness.

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The digital training and exchange programs developed are now offered to a wider public and the SkillSonics CONNECT network expanded, to enhance the international professional vocational training and exchange of experience, improve digital skills of trainees and apprentices, and make learning and training opportunities more accessible.

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