Success Story of Skilled Women at SkillSonics


SkillSonics offers Swiss training programs and methodologies to its partners and customers, enabling them to train apprentices from scratch and to upgrade their existing workforce to international levels. Vinutha has gone through the SWISS VET and is working in Buhler, doing well for herself and her family.

Vinutha Gowda, 22 years old, Trainee at Bühler India, with SkillSonics

Vinutha Buhler SkillsonicsShe has completed a skill-based training program or a vocational course which is a 2 years MSPT course in Buhler. She specialized in Turning and Milling, Welding and CNC and also learnt basic Electronics.

After her training she has got placed as a retainer. Before gaining permanent employment they get retrained in the manufacturing, assembly units. She doesn’t have a trainer; other employees are teaching her right now. She plans to do a mechanical diploma after sometime along with her work by going to an evening college.

She is very happy with the Swiss VET(Vocation education training) that she has undergone. She has improved her communication skills and her body language. She felt the training material was very good both for theory and practicals and the diagrams and other concepts are explained through videos. They follow a time bound and structured form of teaching which is impressive.

She is the only girl among all the men doing this type of work. Sometimes she feels a little uncomfortable and wishes she had some female company but she enjoys her work and wants to inspire more girls to join this field.

She is very thankful to Skillsonics and plans to become an entrepreneur after working in this company for 2-3 years.

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