SkillTrain launches India’s first end-to-end mobile app for vocational training


SkillTrain, one of the leading vocational training organizations, has been at the forefront of extensive use of technology in vocational training. SkillTrain firmly believes that vocational training can be far more accessible, affordable and effective with the use of right technology. This belief has led to SkillTrain developing a lot of video content on various skills such as Electrical Repairing, Electronics Repairing, Mobile Phone Repairing, Motorcycle Repairing, Tailoring, Beautician etc.

Until now, SkillTrain has been using this video content in their unique blended learning centres in Jabalpur and Indore to deliver vocational training to rural youth and school dropouts. SkillTrain has also been offering their video content free of cost to the world using their Youtube Channel. With more than 70,000 subscribers and 8 million views, SkillTrain is undoubtedly one of the largest online vocational training providers not just in India, but across South Asia.

SkillTrain Mobile AppLaunch of the SkillTrain App on 14th February 2017

Considering that there are nearly 900 million mobile users in India, SkillTrain has taken another momentous step of making vocational training possible through the mobile phone. Recently SkillTrain has developed and launched a mobile application that will let any vocational learner learn any skill, anytime and anywhere in India. Not only does the app help a learner learn a skill, it will also help the learner search for employment opportunities, apply for them and secure a job.

SkillTrain launched a beta version of the app a month ago. The beta version received an amazing response. Within a month of its launch, more than 700 learners have registered for different courses on the app. The mobile app’s beta version is currently available on Google Play Store. The full-fledged version of the app is being launched in New Delhi on 14th February 2017.

Download the App: The SkillTrain App lets you learn any skill, anytime, anywhere and get employed. Click here to download the app from Play Store.

Highlights of the SkillTrain App

  • The SkillTrain App enables a vocational learner to learn any skill and secure an employment – all using just a mobile phone.
  • The app offers training through a combination of videos, self-evaluation quizzes and hands-on practical training – all at a fraction of what it would cost the learner in a regular brick & mortar centre.
  • The learners have free access to a library of top quality video content. The videos can be watched any number of times enabling them to enhance their learning.
  • Regular self-evaluation using quizzes help learners check their learning and understanding.
  • The app connects the learners to numerous practical training centres where they can undergo practical training on a pay-per-session model. The fee per session ranges between Rs. 30 to Rs. 100 making it one of the most affordable models among other models currently available.
  • The app enables the learner to pace their learning as per their learning styles and needs thereby helping them master the skill better.
  • The app will eventually help the learner to search for employment opportunities and secure a job once they are skilled and certified.
  • The app will also help other vocational training institutes and independent skilled people to become SkillTrain authorized practical training centres and deliver practical training to youth in their respective areas.
  • The app also aims to help organizations source good quality skilled, certified and verified candidates from across the country for employment opportunities.

The App currently offers 3 free courses along with digital certification

  1. Basic Mobile Repairing,
  2. Basic Electrical Repairing
  3. Basic Computer Hardware Repairing. Learners can access

Learners who register for these courses will be able to watch the video lessons and take the self-evaluation questions. All learners who score more than 70% across all the quizzes will be awarded a digital certification at the end of the course. Currently, all our courses will be offered only in Hindi.

Upcoming features of the app

The new features that are scheduled for launch on February 14 are as follows:

  • Access more than 15 courses in different trades including electrical ,electronics, automobile, computers, tailoring, beautician and construction.
  • Search for a practical training centre near the student’s residence and book practical training slots.
  • Attend practical training at the nearest authorized practical training centre and pay using online payment options such as Paytm and PayU money.
  • Search for a certification centre, book and attend a certification exam. On successful completion, the student will be awarded a skill certificate.
  • Search for jobs skillwise, citywise and apply for them through the mobile app.
  • Interact with employers through the mobile app and receive the offer letter on the mobile app after successfully clearing the potential employers’ selection process.
  • Engage in continuous learning post course completion and successful employment – all through the mobile app.

Other features that are likely to be added later include:

  • Learn courses in 5 other languages including English and a few other regional languages.
  • Offline video viewing and ability to download videos through a practical training centre.
  • Support for learners interested in self-employment through a micro-funding linkage


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