How social skills help while studying in global classrooms


The quality education in the United States and the global exposure to various cultures that comes with studying there is what motivated Ms. Salome Priscilla to study in the US. Pursuing her MBA in California Baptist University, she feels that it has been a fun experience so far. She says, “I am still at a stage where I’m learning new things about their culture every day.” She reveals that initially there were contrasts in the cultural and social systems but however, the underlying values are quite similar.

The skills I have acquired at a young age have helped me phenomenally in this process and I feel many skills knowingly or unknowingly contribute to each and every aspect of human life.Priscilla Salome California Baptist University

She feels that the social and communication skills she possesses helped her adjust to a new environment altogether. She believes that these skills that were incorporated to her from quite a young age were what helped her in the transition process. From a very young age, Ms. Priscilla showed immense interest in honing her communication skills and she is glad this played a crucial role in adjusting to an all new environment altogether.

Some things that she enjoys most about studying abroad is meeting new people, the quality of education, learning new things about a different culture and a completely different work ethic.

Salome believes that global exposure is her biggest opportunity in the US. Her classroom of 14 people has students from more than 6 different countries all over the world and she feels this global perspective helps broaden her thinking. Her inherent love for meeting new people and blending with new cultures is what she loves the most. She says, “The work culture is more ethical and balanced.” Working beyond 5 pm is a rare occurrence. She opines communication and team work and how well a person can perform has a huge emphasis in the US.

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