Importance of training for workplace skills


College is the place where you make dreams and create a platform to make that dream a reality. One of the first things I picked up while at college, was the importance of meeting and knowing people. Your friends and the people you deal with define your time and the ripe of it. At that age, you are more or less independent and have the time to try out new things. You must look to develop skills than just bag some certificates.

“Soft skills make you stronger in persona while the academic skills make you wise. Both are necessary and go hand in hand. My tryst with developing my soft skills began quite early, thanks to my literary club, under an able guidance and enthusiastic peers, I grew stronger as a person. Organizing large-scale events to heading national bodies for technical development to hosting my own conferences and playing some serious cricket, college life was busy, fun and a great learning.” Sridatta Yaswant Adiraju, ThinkTankers Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Yaswant Adiraju

After graduating, I got placed in good companies with competitive packages. When I went to work, entered my office for the first time, I realised, that I am completely on my own. And I realised the importance of training to work under such environments. It was difficult in the beginning, but now I am loving it.

I left my first job early, and ventured into the startup space. The journey thus far has been amazing, the entrepreneurial spirit in me has taken a turn for the good as I have a chance to develop disrupting product(s) for the future. I am working towards making my dreams come true at a young company that recognizes potential, strives to build skills and create platforms for businesses to thrive and make an impact to the society. The team I work with is impeccable and that has made me feel powerful and with power comes responsibility.

All in all, train hard, work smart, manage your time, and invest in making yourself better. Work towards gaining credibility and professionalism and success will come to you. Choose the approach that will take you to the goal and not the goal in itself.

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