SPRING – The quarterly newsletter from IL&FS Skills


SPRING – The quarterly newsletter from IL&FS Skills

Skilled human resources are the most vital propellant of economic progression for any country. Countries with higher and better levels of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities in the world of work. It is also an acknowledged fact that the India population is ageing fast. India, home to the second largest population in the world, has the distinct advantage of having one of the youngest populations globally.

Statistically, 54% of India’s total population fall below 25 years of age and 62% in the working age group of 15-59 years, with about, 12 million to join the workforce every year. With these analytics, comes the responsibility of preparing the youth with skill training and consecutively, employment.

IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited, with a legacy of developing and maintaining conscientious partnerships with the corporates, focuses on enhancing the employability skills of people in alignment with sustainable development goals. Building a community which provides equal opportunities has become a shared concern. Corporate Social Responsibility presents a chance to rise towards this challenge. And SPRING – the quarterly Newsletter of IL&FS Skills is an important step in that direction.

ILFS newsletter

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In this edition, we bring to you the key highlights of our varied programmes and how we support our corporate partners in fulfilling their CSR commitments and generating social return on their investment. Subsequently, we received positive responses from all sections of society, and we are proud to announce that we won the Innovation in CSR Practices Award at the World CSR Congress 2019. We also won the Best Training Skills Partner in Global Skill Summit, Jharkhand.

With your encouragement and support, we remain dedicated towards our objective in driving sustainability and building lives of people through our passionate efforts. We take part in this endeavour with the hope that you support our efforts through your valuable insights and feedback.

Author: Mohini Singhal: For more information please write to Mohini at mohini.singhal@ilfsindia.com

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