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Ajesh, Beauty & Wellness Entrepreneur, Kannur

I am Ajesh from a small district named Kannur in Kerala. I discontinued my studies after completing my 10th class as I realised studying was something that did not interest me. We are five members in our family with my elder brother being the sole earning member. He worked for a private company here and brought in seven thousand as a monthly income to the family. I too wanted to do something for my family however could not as nothing interested me.

There was Koushal Mela held in my town which exposed me and my friends to various opportunities for creating a livelihoods. The course on Beautician caught my interest and  I immediately enrolled for the programme. Although the role of a beautician in our society is considered to be only for girls, my family and friends supported me to pursue my interest and thereby break the stereotypical image of a beautician. Initially traveling was a challenge, however it was worth overcoming the challenging considering the skills that I got during the training programme. Besides the skills for becoming a beautician, the course also prepared me for the job market thorugh cusomter relations skills, business skills, communication skills and alike.

With the skills that I gained through the training, I got placed with Qbenz Beauty Parlour & Spa as a Beautician with a salary of INR 12,000 per month. I would further like to hone my skills and start my own Hi- tech Salon. I thank my for being with me in my journey towards a livelihood. I am grateful to Sri Narendra Modi for taking keen interest and working towards making India a skilled country.

Dilip Kumar, 2 wheel service technician, Bangalore

My name is Dilip and I am 24 years old. I have completed ITI in mechanical and electronic. I was interested in automobile since my childhood. However, I could not pursue my interest. Then my friend’s mother told me about ASDC’s two-wheeler automobile course. I completed the 2-months training from LabourNet and received ADSC certificate. Post training LabourNet helped me in getting a job at Honda service station where I am working from past 1 year. Initially for six months, I was working as a trainee and then I was promoted as a Technician. I earn 12000 rupees per month. I want to work here for 3 years and gain experience and want to set-up my own two-wheeler service station. I thank ASDC, NSDC and LaboutNet for this opportunity.

Fayaz Ahmad, Master Tailor, Raymond, Bangalore

Fayaz Ahmad is an experienced tailor with over 15 years of work in the apparel sector. But due to lack of recognised certification, he never felt that his job would be streamlined and an identified profession. Then he learnt of the Recognition of Prior Learning under PMKVY in tailoring course offered by LabourNet. He says that the training he undertook taught him the nuances of sewing for branded clothes and other competencies like soft skills and communication with the customers and has changed the way he looked at his job and is hopeful of greater prospects. He is delighted about the fact that for the first time in forever tailors have gained government recognition. Fayad says, “I am grateful to the Prime minister Narendra Modi and LabourNet for initiating such programs”.

Gowramma, Dairy Farmer, Mandya, Karnataka

Gowramma, aged 35 year is a mother of two children. She belongs to Gowdyanadoddi village in Maddur. She has been into rearing of two cows since many years and they produce around 5 litres of milk per day. The key aspects that she learned during the training are cowshed cleanliness, feeding techniques especially for the mother cow and the calves, different types of diseases among many other aspects. She mentions about the disease (Bavu) which is mainly caused by a virus that is found in the cowshed due to lack of maintenance of the cow shed. This virus can enter the cow’s body during the milking process and leads to swelling of the udder. She says, “Instances of such cases have reduced in the village after training as people are maintaining cleanliness in their cowsheds

Sudarshan, Technical Trainer, AkzoNobel, Bangalore

I belong to a lower middle-class family with eight members comprising of my parents, five sisters and myself. It was a tough job for my father to make ends meet financially from his earnings. My father could not afford basic government schooling for all six siblings. It was a tough time.

I completed my ITI and started hunting for a job but unfortunately, luck didn’t favor me. I got petty jobs in the retail sector and in a biscuit company which was unsatisfactory both in terms of money and job satisfaction.

It was very depressing to be on a standstill, watch my family suffers on the financial front. I could be of no help as my wages could do no good for me or my family. During this tough phase in my life, I happened to meet Mr. Nitin from LabourNet who introduced me to various training programs organized by them which were followed by job assurance.

I instantly decided to hone my skillsets by joining Vehicle refinishing training program at Hoskote. I visited the center and got excited with the prospectus and enrolled for a 10-day program. During the training, I learned how to make cosmetic repairs to vehicles and repaint them with the utmost professionalism. This included tasks like putty work, tinkering, painting etc.

The trainers were fantastic, they gave us industry insights and showed us how to perform the job with maximum efficiency. Theory and practical sessions both were very knowledgeable. I also got a skill certificate at end of the training program and I must say that I was a better person with upgraded skillsets just after 10-days training.

I also got placed at Maruti as a Painter with a salary of 7,800 INR per month. I was happy to start my career in this field but the salary was not enough to even support my expenses alone, but I wanted a job to help my family. It was a little difficult to manage expenses, therefore I decided to talk to my trainers, fortunately, RajKumar Sir from suggested me to attend an interview at AkzoNobel and I secured a job with a monthly wage of 18,000 INR.

I joined AkzoNobel as a painter and was promoted as Assistant Trainer in no time. All thanks to the wonderful training I received from LabourNet and AkzoNobel. Even though I hardly hold experience of 15 months in this domain, I train candidates who have over 20 years of experience in this job. My job is to make sure that their experience and the smart techniques together results in better performance of the employee.

I am really happy with my job profile and the career progression I have had in past 1 and half year. My life turned upside down in a positive way just by attending a 10-day training program. I cannot be more thankful to team LabourNet and AkzoNobel for supporting me achieve my dreams.

Aarati Jairaj, Sales Executive, Pune

Aarti Jairaj Bhilare from Yerwada, Pune, hails from a middle class family. After her studies, she was searching for a job so that she could support her family financially and secure her future. However, she couldn’t manage one as every company she interviewed with was looking for experienced and skilled people. Nevertheless, he didn’t lose hope and decided to upskill herself to become job worthy. During this search, she came to know about the Retail Sales Training program offered by LabourNet . Without losing time, she enrolled herself as she realized that it was the ideal course for getting a job and didn’t even cost her anything.

During the training she learnt about the concepts of Retail Sales, marketing and business opportunities. She gained confidence with her newly acquired knowledge of retail market, products, fashion and its demand in the community. After passing out she was placed at Prince Textorium in retail sales. She earns Rs. 7200 per month and hopes to get better opportunities with experience.

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