Stories of successful job placements from Empower Pragati


Empower Pragati conducts various skill-based training programs in Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK) along with DDU-GKY courses. Here are some stories of students who were placed successfully in different jobs.

Deepak Kumar, PMKK Sambhal

Job role – Courier Delivery Executive – Company – A.G. Enterprises (Myntra Process)
Salary – Rs. 1,31,000 (Yearly)

Deepak Kumar, alumni of PMKK Sambhal lost his hand in one accident. Though he lost his hand but the true spirit to go ahead and win over all challenges in life kept him alive. He didn’t have admission in regular schools because of his physical disability, thereby lacking any skill knowledge ahead in his life. Somehow he was able to complete his high school and his search to score a job started. But the real test came now as no company was ready to provide him a job again because of his physical disability but he was not in any way ready to stop looking for a job. He was not able to crack any interview because of lack of employable skills and also because of his physical disability.

Then he got to know about the Empower Pragati’s PMKK Sambhal training through one of his friends. He decided to visit our center so as to get some more information regarding training and employment opportunities after course completion. He after visiting the center and a counseling session with our trainers and counselors took decision to register himself under the Skill India course under ‘courier delivery executive’ job role. From the start Deepak was sure that he wants a job and for that he needs to excel in the assessment and pay attention to the classes, which he did with flying colors. After training he scored a job in A.G. Enterprises for MYNTRA Process as a Assistant Trainee with the package of 1.31 lac per annum.

Success stories of students from Empower Pragati Krishan Kumar, PMKK Sambhal

Job role – CRM, Company – Future Retail Private Limited

Salary – Rs. 1,26,564 (Yearly)

Krishan Kumar belongs to an underprivileged family where his father was the only earning person in his family to make up for all the family needs. His father is a farmer and doesn’t earns enough to make up for the family’s basic needs. Krishan on the other hand was born with polio in both his legs. This physical disability made him always look down and people feel pity for him. On the other hand he was ready for the challenges of his life. He being an M.A. graduate was not able to secure a job due to his physical disability as the companies were not giving him employment. When he came to know about our training program he immediately took a decision to enroll himself in the Skill India mission under PMKVY . He was a brilliant student from the start itself who was hungry to learn more about the skills so that he would become employable easily and would further support his family. He enrolled in the CRM job role at Empower Pragati’s PMKK Sambhal. At present Krishan is working in Big Bazaar as a Helpdesk Coordinator at the cash counter and working efficiently. He says- This initiative has actually helped me in opening the gates for my career. I request every individual to be a part of the Skill India mission and increase their own chances of getting a job. I am not looked with pity now and looked upon as a role model for the community people.

 Mahaveer, Project – DDUGKY Allahabad

Job role – Steward, Company – Swiggy

Salary – Rs. 15,000 per month

Mahaveer belongs to an underprivileged family of ten people. His father being a daily wage labor earns merely Rs. 100 – Rs. 150 a day, which is not enough to fulfill their daily basic needs. There are days when he doesn’t earn anything for the month and suffers to make ends meet and it becomes difficult to cover regular household expenses. Mahaveerhad interest in wrestling (Kushti) and even played and competed at national levels. Due to his family’s poor financial condition, he had to let go of his dream and started working with his father as a laborer. One day he came to know about Empower Pragati’s DDUGKY training center in Allahabad through his cousin, who was already studying at the center. He decided to visit the center and see if he can also get the training which was free of cost and thereby secure a job to support his family and other siblings. At first, he was not very sure of getting training and a job after completion but gradually his mindset changed completely. He enrolled himself in F&B Steward course and post completion of the course secured a job for himself. He now is grateful to his trainer Mr. Akhilesh Singh who gave him confidence and made him aware of the opportunities to make a living. He says – “I am now a completely changed person from being hopeless and demotivated to a positive and confident man brave enough to face challenges of life. The training helped me in grooming myself and made me aware of the industrial practices and scenarios through the training & OJTs which helped me in my career. At present, I am working with Swiggy, earning a salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. I am helping my family and I also think this job will help me to pursue my dream of wrestling again too.”

Shyam Bihari, Project – DDUGKY Allahabad

Job role – Steward, Company – Swiggy

Shyam Bihari is belongs to an agrarian family. He and his father had the responsibility to run the meet ends for the mother and his one younger brother. Such conditions forced Shyam to work with his father and started earning. He came to know about the Empower Pragati’s DDUGKY center Allahabad from his friend and made a visit to the center. He had to initially convince his father to join the DDUGKY centre and explained him that the training offered is free of cost and will guarantee a job by completion of the course. When he visited the center he was fascinated by the success stories of alumni trainees from the when he met some of them in person. This encouraged him and he promised to himself that if these students can do it then he can also bring a change in his life. He enrolled himself under the F&B Steward course and started dedicatedly studying. He says – “I was encouraged by meeting people like me who underwent this training and got themselves decent jobs. I wanted to achieve something on my own and create my own identity. DDUGKY Allahabad gave me the path to achieve it. I learned how to increase my confidence, worked on my communication skills, and groomed myself to converse with clients and customers. I learned how to ace an interview and get secure a job. At present I am working in Swiggy with Salary Rs. 15000 per month, which is a good start for my career. I am able to help and support my family financially. This training has proved to be life-changing for me and I have influenced people around to choose this path.”

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