5 Super Skills that will enhance your employability


Keeping yourselves employable in the ever changing job market is not an easy task. For that, you need to step back and look at that from a broad perspective. What are the critical skills that you need to succeed in this competitive world? What abilities and traits will help you in long run? What 21st century skills will make you relevant in the future workplace?

Even though you have adequate educational qualifications, you will often find it difficult to get accustomed with the changing employment scenario. This is because the demand for employability skills is on a high.

In today’s world, grades and experiences alone cannot help you survive in your workplace.

Employers want people who possess the required abilities that can serve them in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly. For that, you should be acquainted with 21st century super skills. And, these skills are very critical in enabling you to be complex, energetic and productive. In other words, it prepares you for a world that doesn’t yet exist!

super skills employabilityNow, let’s have a look at these 5 most important 21st century Super Skills that you really need:

Learning to learn

Sounds great? It is all about acquiring the skills, knowledge, attitudes and aptitudes which will enable you to reach your goals. It allows you to meet the demands of continuous learning. You need to learn strategies to learn what you know and what you do not know. This not only helps you in applying your learning as and when needed but also makes you responsible and independent. And, employers out there are looking for knowledge workers who take responsibility for their own professional development. So, spend your time effectively and learn to learn!

Work as a team

“Two heads are better than one.”As the adage implies, the power of diverse thinking and co-ordinated efforts lead to success. Teamwork fosters creativity, learning, conflict resolution skills, healthy risk-taking etc. Your individual experiences and learning will be entirely different from your co-workers once you step into a new job. Collaborative work maximizes shared knowledge in the workplace and acquaints you with new skills that can be used for the rest of your career.

Communicate well

If you have the ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended it can help you in all aspects of your life. Communication being the foremost and integral aspect encompass far more than simple verbal and non-verbal communication. To pick a few, you need to have clarity, concision, confidence, friendliness, empathy, open-mindedness, respect etc. Therefore, you need to develop your communication skills not only to get hired but also to scale up your initial job to a different level.

Solve problems

Be it any industry, employers want workers who don’t panic or give up when things go wrong. Problem-solving skills are as diverse as the situation they’re applied to. In order to be effective at problem solving, you need to incorporate other skills like creativity, decision making, risk management, emotional skills etc. You are constantly exposed to complex situations in life. Many are missed out or not taken full advantage of. You should utilize these opportunities to hone your skills in the right way. It is imperative to develop your problem solving skills and track the successes so that hiring managers will have no trouble identifying you as a strong problem solver.

Be creative

People with creativity always find a way to make use of the opportunities in the right way. They seem to be able to generate new ideas and think creatively in a demand-driven work environment. You can learn some useful skills and techniques like brainstorming or mind mapping to tap into the creative thinking process. This will enable you to bring in new perspectives to problem-solving, innovation and change management that employers really look for in candidates. So, approach this with an open mind and get an edge over others.

Having read all these, your job now is to work on these 5 Super Skills and remain relevant. Also, never forget to continue developing these skills as you grow through your career as this prepares you for a world in need of highly skilled professionals.


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