Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) partners DWSSC to train domestic workers


Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) has signed an MoU with Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council (DWSSC) to train domestic workers for emerging job roles. The MoU was signed on 8th October 2018 in the presence of the Chancellor of SSOU – Padma Bhushan Dr S B Majumdar.

To begin with, a pilot course for 100 candidates in the job role of “Elderly Caretaker (non-clinical)” will commence on 22nd October 2018 at SSOU campus. The pilot course has been funded by FICCI FLO.

Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) DWSSC Skill courses 2It is a matter of great pride for DWSSC that a university has stepped into the skilling ecosystem to conduct training for the domestic workers and sets the pace for more such universities to become the training partner. This certainly will give a major boost to our sector when the candidates will move out to the market being duly trained in a prestigious skill university.

Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) DWSSC Skill courses 1Skill training is just a small step in the direction of the university awarding a diploma for the domestic workers in the disciplines such as Caregivers and Housekeeping services. Currently, SSOU is conducting a three-year degree course for Beauty and Wellness and it is expected that, in future, such courses will also be conducted for the Domestic Workers Sector too.

It’s recommended that to encourage such skill universities to become our training partners, PMKVY’s funding should be diverted to such training institutions for the conduct of trainings on our job roles. In future, NSDC may examine the feasibility of this opportunity, wherein the status of the domestic workers becomes more aspirational and attracts more people for getting skilled in the DWSSC job roles.

Symbiosis Skills and Open University (SSOU) DWSSC Skill courses

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