Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) inaugurates first Regional Center at Warangal

Telangana Academy of Skill and Knowledge (TASK) has been at the forefront of many initiatives in skill development and employability of youth in various districts of Telangana. Till now, TASK was functioning from Hyderabad by coordinating with various districts. On 14th October, TASK inaugurated their first Regional Center at Warangal, the next important destination after Hyderabad for training, jobs and entrepreneurship.
The first TASK regional centre for the State of Telangana was inaugurated by Honorable Deputy Chief Minister Shri. Kadiyam Srihari and Minister for IT & MA & UD – Shri. KT Rama Rao in the presence of other distinguished members from Academia, Industry and Government, at Warangal.

TASK Warangal CenterThe primary objectives of TASK are skilling of youth and enhancing synergy between Government, Academia and Industry. This Warangal regional center will help enhance awareness on skilling and proliferating TASK Service Offerings into the districts. There have been multiple projects accomplished by TASK in the area of skilling the college students in industry-relevant skills for improving their employability quotient.

TASK Warangal CenterSpeaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Shir Kadiyam Srihari encouraged students to understand the offerings through TASK and benefit from the skilling programs offered.

TASK Warangal Center1Speaking on the occasion, Minister for IT & MA & UD – Shri. KT Rama Rao, reminded the youth that they need to be adequately prepared for challenges during adverse situations and acquiring skill sets to manage these situations would be key for success.

As a part of this inauguration, MOUs were exchanged between TASK and

  1. AA Edutech Pvt Ltd for creative skilling methodologies in English Language and Employability using Cricket
  2. NAFTM for GST and Tally Skilling
  3. Medha Servo Drives Pvt Ltd for Internships and guest lectures.

A representative from Mahindra Pride Classrooms also shared thoughts around placement-linked finishing schools in domains such as Hospitality, Retail and Sales. Honorable MLA Vinay Bhaskar introduced and thanked all the dignitaries and audience present for this inauguration.


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