TASK transforms the lives of young women through employability enhancement programs


Our formal and traditional educational system caters to a few privileged students who can ace their first jobs on their own. There are many rural and underprivileged students, mainly girls, who need generous support to enhance their employability quotient. Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK), through their Finishing School program, has empowered many young women to build aspirational careers in the field of IT/ITES, Electronics, Life Sciences, Retail and related industries.

Team NSN spoke with TASK Team and their Finishing School students during one of the                                   Coffee with CEO Session’s where the youth who received the placements through TASK interact with CEO and shared their experiences of their first 6-9 months of work life and exchange ideas for an enhanced on boarding.

TASK has been providing various skilling programmes on their own and in association with many partners. Their Finishing school programme aims at providing training in industry relevant courses along with soft skills training.

Meet the Leadership at TASK

Sujiv Nair CEO TASK“We aim at providing industry relevant skilling programmes that can improve the skills of the youth. Youth have the ability to become what they really want. With proper skilling and guidance, they are able to achieve it.” Mr. Sujiv Nair, CEO-TASK

“TASK is doing a wonderful job by providing an opportunity for underprivileged students. The dedication of the trainers is excellent. They take immense care in enabling placements” Brig. C S Sree Ramulu (Retd), Director – HRA-TASK          

TASK women employability program

Meet the Skilled Women from TASK who are successfully placed in jobs

The skilled young women who underwent the Finishing school programme seemed to be enthusiastic and highly confident as they shared their thoughts and future plans. For them, TASK’s programme was a turning point in their life.

Fauzia_TaskStudents“I come from a conservative family where girls are not encouraged to pursue education. I had to convince my father a lot to pursue a job. When I started to go for job, people blamed my father for letting me take up a job. But he was so supportive and told others, “Let her do whatever she likes. I have no problem. She is like a son for me.” Now, I am supporting my family financially. TASK’s finishing school programme has really helped me in improving my skills. My advice to other girls is that do not fear in life. We should come out of all constraints boldly and live life happily.” Md. Fauzia – Software Engineer- COIGN Consultants.

Pravalika_TaskStudentsI am a B.Tech graduate. After completing my studies, I found it very difficult to get a job as there were less placement opportunities in my college. I have to face a lot of challenges in life. I lost my brother. Since I am a girl, the notion in my family was to get me married as soon as possible. However, I wanted to study and get a good job. Even though there were concerns in my family in letting me take up a job, my parents allowed me to pursue my dreams. At this point, I came to know about TASK’s program. I joined it and it has changed my life. It has helped me in getting a good job. I am now aiming at improving my skills to join my dream company. ” J.Pravalika – Software Developer – Abjayon Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Tejaswini_TaskStudents“I strongly believe that it’s the talent and not gender that defines a person. I was able to get a good job after TASK’s programme and I am so happy about it. Earlier, I used to attend many interviews but was unable to clear it. TASK helped me to improve my skills and I was able to clear many interviews after the training. As of now, I am dreaming of becoming an Assistant Manager after 3 years.” K.Tejaswini- Trainee Chemist – Covalent Labs

Divya_TaskStudentsDivya – R&D Trainee – also shared a similar opinion. ”I had to face a lot of challenges in my life. After my marriage, it was very difficult for me to go for job due to my family’s conservative approach. However, I was so determined and wanted a job. TASK helped me in realizing my dreams and now I am working as a Research Associate. I want to say that women shouldn’t be restricted in any ways. They are capable of doing anything.” she says

Syamantika_TaskStudentsFor V.Syamantika- Jr. Software Engineer – Inteq Software Pvt Ltd, her family’s support and encouragement is the main reason behind her success. She said her parents never restricted her in doing anything or choosing her desired career.” Now, I am working as a Junior Software Engineer. TASK has helped me in improving my skills. I think parents’ support can help students a lot in achieving their dreams,” she adds.

Meet the power-packed team of women who enable employability

TASK trainers emphasized the importance of skilling programmes in changing students’ career path. The orientation trainings make students aware about the career opportunities and market needs.

Sravani_TaskTrainers“I work with MBA and Engineering students in Rangareddy District. Our programmes mainly focus on improving the career opportunities of students. Our trainings are mainly based on advanced technologies like Big Data analytics, Cloud Computing etc. that help students to obtain a job easily. As a trainer, I am immensely satisfied with all our student’s achievements.”, says T. Sravani – Relationship Manager –TASK

Deepa Baraju_TaskTrainersI have been associated with TASK for the past 5 years. I am working in Adilabad district. The focus is on improving the skills of rural students. It is a challenging job. Most of the students lack awareness about the placement opportunities and career path. We work hard to improve their employability skills. I am indeed happy to say that our trainings are making them capable enough to get placed in top companies as against the previous years where nobody used to crack an interview. Also, girl students have become more enthusiastic and serious about their careers.” says Deepa Baraju, Relationship Manager.

Anjali_TaskTrainersFor Anjali, who is handling the trainings associated with NSSIC (National Small Scale Industrial Corporation), TASK has helped her to develop as a trainer. “As a woman, now I am able to handle everything on my own without depending others.”, she adds.


Aarti_TaskTrainersAs for Aarthi K, Project Manager – Finishing Schools, TASK aims at instilling confidence in young people and prepares them for a better career.I have been working with TASK for the past 4 years. We train them in technical as well as soft skills. After undergoing the programmes, students are transformed in such a way that it is reflected in their personality. This is what makes me happy as a Soft Skills Trainer.”

TASK has been making a difference to the lives of many young women with skills and employability enhancement. Their subsidized programmes are beneficial to many rural students who are unable to study advanced technologies due to the high costs involved. The soft skills training makes students capable of attending corporate interviews and crack them easily. Moreover, the training helps students to transform in such a way that they gain confidence to face any challenges in life.

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